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What is it: basically, an 88 palette. They come from Asia and they come in the thousands! I picked this one up at the Hair Show for about $18CDN. I know you can get them for something ridiculous like $12 if you really hunt them down, but let’s face it: pretty much no one ships to Canada, and those who do charge ridiculous fees.Ingredients below. Click to enlarge! Looks liek they used a standard label for all their products, so check out the first “paragraph”.Did I love it? To be quite frank, not at all. I was disappointed in the pigmentation and the shadows’ ability to blend — some of them wouldn’t swatch at all. Enlarge the picture below if you’re interested to see “the pathetics,” those that I wouldn’t even bother trying to use after the initial swatch attempt. (They’re the ones with the tiny black liquid liner dots).However, a few of the shades were alright. For someone who normally uses drugstore shadows, this would probably actually not seem all that bad — but I’m a pigment freak, and (I admit it) a bit of a shadow snob. Yes, I love my drugstore items, but they better be bloody packed with pigment.

Swatches below of four random shadows pictured above (a shimmery brown and a matte brown; a shimmery blue and a matte blue). I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly certain what you’ll see is a wet swatch, a swatch over UDPP, a dry swatch, and finally, a swatch over a black cream base. Most of the shadows swatched like this, though very few were better and quite a number were worse.

The verdict? Disappointment. I haven’t used this at all — I’m still not sure what I’ll do with it! Even after reading so many bad reviews for this, I still wanted to try it, and it failed to amaze me, unfortunately. I’m actually kind of wondering if they pulled a bait-and-switch, as the display palette seemed to swatch a lot better.

If anyone’s still wanting to try it, name your price. I’d love to get this off my hands! The only thing between me and a giveaway right now are the ridiculous Canada Post rates.

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  • FB @ FabulouslyBroke

    I kind of figured for that price it couldn't be a great colour palette that was super pigmented like the Mac eyeshadows.It's just impossible. The cost of materials is prohibitive, even if it's from ChinaWith that being said, the colours are nice and subtle… it's good for people like me who want light versions of everything Although I'd probably only use the beige/brown sections :P

  • Rae

    FB: Hmm, good point!! I suppose this would be alright if you settled for lots of super-sheer washes of colour — could work!

  • beautifulmonday

    good to know. i keep reading about Coastal Scents 88-palettes and kind of lemming the colours (like a crayon box!) but i really don't need that much shadow even if the quality is any better than this palette.

  • Rae

    Laura: Ohmygod. If someone put out a crayola-themed collection, I would SO be on that!I've heard the quality of the 120 is better, so I'm vaguely interested in that. We'll see ^^

  • blucoke

    Glad I'm not the crazy one thinking negative about this palette – I'm just very frustrated w/the colors never look the same on my lids as in the pans & it's just way too many colors all at once to look & choose from (for me as a beginner who's bad w/colors). I was lucky gotten it as a gift before I made the purchase. I don't usually wear makeup & am a very beginner in makeup, but I'm just as selective on the quality & pigmentation of shadows as you do. Thanks for you post & honest opinion! =)