The science of lips

I will never understand brown-toned lip colours. Pink, peach, red — all those, I can come to terms with. But brown?! How nineties is that???!

Anyhow.Here’s some more Aura Science! Here are two line lip pencils (god, I love AS’ simple names!) in “Walnut Brown” and “Sugar Plum”, these simply-packaged pencils are incredibly creamy, and very pigmented!
Let’s start with the packaging: they’re a little on the long side and therefore a touch awkward, but it’s worth it. Why, you ask? (Shh, let me finish explaining before you ask questions!) The length allows for a lip brush on the opposite end, which though cumbersome in low-end pencils is absolutely freaking brilliant! in this situation. Because Aura Science isn’t skimping out here on the packaging, the lip brushes are soft but still dense and firm enough to apply colour gorgeously, weather it’s to blend out your liner or apply the perfect lipstick on top of it.As for the shades? Clearly, I won’t get much use out of Walnut Brown, but Sugar Plum is just the most incredibly versitile berry plum, wearable on both my medium-toned warm mother and my very fair, cool toned skin!I wish they still made these :(

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    Your skin tone looks perfect with those shades.-meream