Get your glow on (part I – introduction)

The comment I get a lot is that I have “really great skin”. Though I may not agree with this entirely (or at all) I do know why people say it (though I had to interrogate countless civilians to get this answer).

I glow.


No, not in the disturbing-Twilight-the-movie-CG kind of way, but in the “healthy skin” kind of way. I attribute it to the fact that (read: blame it on the fact that) I’m still young — at this age, if your skin doesn’t look healthy, I think there may be a problem. I am raising my brows at you. We’re like fat little babies with rounded faces, skin plumped with collagen that hasn’t yet broken down and stretched just the right amount over bones without calcium loss.

Matte as can be!
(god I loved the makeup in from this catwalk.)

(Why yes I am deathly afraid of getting old. Why do you ask?)

Anyhow, while I could wax poetic about why skin looks less luminous as we age, skin cycles, and soft keratin… I won’t. I know that none of you would appreciate that in the least, because it is BORING AS HELL for most people (or so I have been told.) Just accept that it has to do with layers of skin and granules and light. Nod and look like you understand.


So, to compensate, the cosmetic industry has come up with two great things: area highlighters and all-over luminizers. (Those are not the “technical terms”… one company may call a hilighting pencil a “luminizing pencil”, and that is not wrong. I’m just using these terms to differentiate between the two within this post! Also, though I don’t mention them in this post, there are both highlighters and luminizers for the body as well, the latter being more common and the former usually reserved for special events or photoshoot/film work.)

Even the shoulder is luminized! Pretty, right?


The golden rule for all of these things?

Glow, don’t glitter.

(Particles should be small enough to add luminescence without obvious chunks of shimmer or glitter. Check this in the sunlight and in flash photography as well, as they are what will make glitter the most obvious!)

Now, this post suddenly became super-long as I wrote it, so we’re doing another three-part series… check back at ten and two o’clock for the next two installments! See you then!

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  • Catherine

    LOL, I love your writing though – you are infinitely more interesting to read than most bloggers out there. =)

  • Rae

    Catherine: Aww, thanks hon <3 I blame the fact that I have the attention span of an unmedicated five year old with ADHD.

    Well. I blame that for everything. But it's not a lie… it really does cause a lot of stuff to happen, good or bad!

  • eemusings

    i would kill for skin like that!

    Seriously, I'm young and all, but have been cursed with awful skin and always will be. Part of it's because I have really thin, sensitive skin, and I had bad acne years ago (thanks mum). And sun damage… I know, I know.

    so I'm always jealous of people with that glow, natural or madeup :P, if I could have one beauty wish it would be for flawless skin fosho!

  • Rae

    ee: a) man, that sucks. b) YOU NEED TO BE WEARING YOUR SUNSCREEN!*ahem*Anyhow, I hope that you'll be able to fake a gorgeous glow one of these days, even if you can't have a real one! =P