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Lancome Artliner in Noir.
Pros: No smell, easy application (clean up a messy line with just water and a q-tip!) Delivers a bold line and doesn’t “bleed” during the day – I can wear this on my upper lash line to really fill in those lashes, or winged, or smudged under my lower lashes to make them a little more visible. It doesn’t trickle into lines, no matter how dry or oily my face is, and it doesn’t leave strange shadows as it wears off! (Well, that last bit is mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t wear off during the day ^^) Trust me, this one will last you from six in the morning to ten at night. It has amazing wear!

(note: this can also make a gorgeous mascara if you’ve forgotten yours! Just push lightly on your lash tips as it dries, bending them, so that when it does set, it retains a curl. Makes them look long and glamorous, as you all know! It lasts all day here, too, with easy removal at night and no flaking.)
Cons: Unfortunately, this comes packaged with a hefty $28 price tag. So, this might not be the best choice for a girl on a budget – but if you love your makeup and your wallet isn’t hurting, this could be for you! The other deterrent is the removal: unless you take this off before you cleanse, little flakes end up in your eyes. They don’t hurt, but that’s gross, and probably not very good for your eyes! So, remove before cleansing, please, ladies!

The Verdict? Well, this would be a great choice — if you can afford it. But if not, I’m positive that there are drugstore liners that wear just as well. I know that, personally, I’ll love the hell outta this tube but probably not rebuy, simply because as a student I can’t justify spending this much on an eyeliner when a $5 drugstore long-wearing liquid is probably 90% as good!

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  • Catherine

    Thanks for the review. =) If you do find that d/s eyeliner that is 90% as good, please do share! =)