Get your glow on (part III – luminizers)

Monday, August 31, 2009

These go all over the face, and can be broken down into two categories: ones that go under everything else, and ones that go over everything else! They’re pretty darn simple – they’re used just like a regular product (ie a luminizing moisturiser is used just like a moisturiser). All you need to know is that they should be less shimmery/have less of a sheen than a highlighter, in general, as they’re going everywhere!

Luminizers that go under are primers, serums/fluids, or moisturisers, applied just like normal products in their respective categories. Ones that go over are powders or, rarely, sprays/airbrushes.

  • For a liquid, see the list in part II — mix it with foundation, primer, or moisturiser and use each normally!
  • For a primer, try Fresh’s Twilight (ha, ha), Clarins Instant Smooth (a TON of bloggers rave about this one! It’s supposed to be pretty darn great.) or Benefit’s “That Gal”.
  • For a powder, play with Guerlian Meteorites, a BE All-Over Face Colour, or a Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten.
  • For a tinted moisturiser, figure it out on your own! I promise I’m not being mean — a lot of TMs are luminous or have a luminous counterpart. Make sure to stay on the lookout for one if you’re interested and I promise… you’ll find a ton!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope it helped some of you out (I know a lot of people irl that are confused about luminizers/highlighters as well! If you were confused, don’t worry: you weren’t alone!) And of course, as always, please don’t hesitate to email or comment with questions :)

Have a great weekend, y’all!

theNotice vs The Notice

There is some damn indie band from San Diego stealing all my urls. Grr!

Get your glow on (part II – highlighters)

Applied under the brow, down the nosebridge, just above the arch of your brows, on the tops of your cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow, and sometimes on the temples, chin, and occipital bone, highlighters are pretty damn multi-functional. It doesn’t matter what you go with — cream, pencil, gel, liquid, or powder (my fave) — they all do pretty much the same thing: brighten up your face by adding luminscence and depth to specific points.Choose your perfect product by trying it on, optimally! But if that’s not an option, don’t fret. Highlighters are low-pigment high-sheen, which means that most of them only come in one or two shades anyways. If for whatever reason you do have options (lighter than your skintone, matching your skintone, and darker than your skintone,) though, choose the one that is lighter than your skintone — if it matches, you won’t get as much depth, and if it’s darker, you’ll be counter-productively “pushing” those hilighted points back into your face with shadowy darkness.

If there are multiple ones lighter than your skintone, go with your gut. I would never use a white-white highlighter on my sister, for example (she’s about a NC20) — I’d maaayyyybe use a white hilight in the winter on myself, but ivory ones on her. (And light beiges on my mother, who has tanned to a stunning NC35ish this summer as she’s been outdoors a ton!)

(I know my recommendations list always looks like it’s a foot long, but once you choose which type you’re looking for — which is personal preference! — it’s really only one or three products.)

  • For a cream, try a MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl or Hush, or Fresh’s Satin trio. Or even a jumbo pencil highlighter, for the girl on the go!
  • For a liquid, take a look-see at Benefit’s ever-popular High Beam or Moon Beam (I personally prefer the finish of Moon Beam), LORAC’s Oil-Free Luminizer, or Stila’s All Over Luminizing Liquid. Which doesn’t have a cute name but is slightly cheaper than the Benefit ones with more product in the bottle. So I guess it’s okay.
  • For a loose powder, give MAC Vanilla pigment a go — like a liquid, it’s very multi-use. Like a cheap hooker but way better, this gal will add a glow to anything and anyone. And hey, they even cost about the same!
  • For a pen-dispensed liquid, check out something like Dior Skinflash or YSL Touche Eclat. I don’t know how to get that accent and I’m too lazy to look it up. (WIN!) Don’t worry if the price scares you — it scared me too — as there are lots of drugstore dupes for these. Also note that these are more of a natural hilight, almost a blend between a highlighter and a sheer concealer.
  • For a powder, seek out the super-hyped Guerlain Meteorites, Smashbox Soft Lights, a MAC MSF, or a Bobbi Shimmer Brick – all with a fan brush or something similar (with precision). I use a Quo All-Over Eye Brush for most of my hilighting (with a very light hand) and it’s wonderful!

Please check back at 2:00 for the next and final installment of “get your glow on”! Also, I’d appreciate it if you held questions until then… I may answer it in the next post!

Get your glow on (part I – introduction)

The comment I get a lot is that I have “really great skin”. Though I may not agree with this entirely (or at all) I do know why people say it (though I had to interrogate countless civilians to get this answer).

I glow.


No, not in the disturbing-Twilight-the-movie-CG kind of way, but in the “healthy skin” kind of way. I attribute it to the fact that (read: blame it on the fact that) I’m still young — at this age, if your skin doesn’t look healthy, I think there may be a problem. I am raising my brows at you. We’re like fat little babies with rounded faces, skin plumped with collagen that hasn’t yet broken down and stretched just the right amount over bones without calcium loss.

Matte as can be!
(god I loved the makeup in from this catwalk.)

(Why yes I am deathly afraid of getting old. Why do you ask?)

Anyhow, while I could wax poetic about why skin looks less luminous as we age, skin cycles, and soft keratin… I won’t. I know that none of you would appreciate that in the least, because it is BORING AS HELL for most people (or so I have been told.) Just accept that it has to do with layers of skin and granules and light. Nod and look like you understand.


So, to compensate, the cosmetic industry has come up with two great things: area highlighters and all-over luminizers. (Those are not the “technical terms”… one company may call a hilighting pencil a “luminizing pencil”, and that is not wrong. I’m just using these terms to differentiate between the two within this post! Also, though I don’t mention them in this post, there are both highlighters and luminizers for the body as well, the latter being more common and the former usually reserved for special events or photoshoot/film work.)

Even the shoulder is luminized! Pretty, right?


The golden rule for all of these things?

Glow, don’t glitter.

(Particles should be small enough to add luminescence without obvious chunks of shimmer or glitter. Check this in the sunlight and in flash photography as well, as they are what will make glitter the most obvious!)

Now, this post suddenly became super-long as I wrote it, so we’re doing another three-part series… check back at ten and two o’clock for the next two installments! See you then!

Cat-eye tips for Arianne!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The title’s pretty self-explanitory. Here are some tips for monolids, double lids, and anything in-between!! (Sarah… *poke*)Tip one! Continue with your lashes – get as close as possible to your lash line as you line the eye, then extend the line following the curl of your lashes, so the line and your lashes “blend” when you’re done.

Tip two! Use a pencil – you know that eyebrow thing, where they line up a pencil (or other flat thingy) with your nose and eyebrow? Try doing that, and using it as a guide for where to draw your line.

Tip three! Draw dots – one on each side – before drawing the wings. By using them as a guide, you should end up fairly symmetrical!

Finally, tip four. Use tape in the angle that you want your cat eyes. Draw in the line on both sides, remove tape, and touch-up afterwards.

That’s all for now!! Does anyone else have any cat-eye tips?

Image from


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So aside from eating great food and seeing wonderful things, there was one thing that I did a surprsing amout of in Quebec: makeup! It was unexpected and wonderful (and awful, because I didn’t bring any of my kit with me) — here are the results!

Expect to see a lot of before/after makeup shots over the next few weeks — there are four different “makeovers”… unfortunately, I didn’t get to take photos of everything/everyone.

As for today, here’s the only set of makeup shots that I took of myself in Rivière-du-Loup. There was a semi-impromptu ill-planned masquarade one night, so here’s my “mask” after about three hours of hysteria and dancing. (The latter of which I do not do well, and the former which I do all too often.)

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