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August 2009

    Get your glow on (part III – luminizers)

    These go all over the face, and can be broken down into two categories: ones that go under everything else, and ones that go over everything else! They’re pretty darn simple – they’re used just like a regular product (ie a luminizing moisturiser is used just like a moisturiser). All you need to know is that they should be less shimmery/have less of a sheen than a highlighter, in general, as they’re going everywhere!

    Luminizers that go under are primers, serums/fluids, or moisturisers, applied just like normal products in their respective categories. Ones that go over are powders or, rarely, sprays/airbrushes.

    • For a liquid, see the list in part II — mix it with foundation, primer, or moisturiser and use each normally!
    • For a primer, try Fresh’s Twilight (ha, ha), Clarins Instant Smooth (a TON of bloggers rave about this one! It’s supposed to be pretty darn great.) or Benefit’s “That Gal”.
    • For a powder, play with Guerlian Meteorites, a BE All-Over Face Colour, or a Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten.
    • For a tinted moisturiser, figure it out on your own! I promise I’m not being mean — a lot of TMs are luminous or have a luminous counterpart. Make sure to stay on the lookout for one if you’re interested and I promise… you’ll find a ton!

    Well, that’s all for now. Hope it helped some of you out (I know a lot of people irl that are confused about luminizers/highlighters as well! If you were confused, don’t worry: you weren’t alone!) And of course, as always, please don’t hesitate to email or comment with questions :)

    Have a great weekend, y’all!

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