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Monday, July 20, 2009

Product: MAC’s 225 blending brush (?)

What I use it for: blending colours all over my lid, and for – surprise! – contouring my nose.
Loves: This makes a great detail face contour brush, for areas like your nose and under your lower lip. It’s pretty darn soft, and the bristles are dense but soft, just as they should be in a blending brush!

Dislikes: I don’t love the size of this brush; unless you’re trying to blend all the products on your lid together to form one big glob, you’ll have to be super-careful. But as long as you are careful, or if you’re trying to get a gradient effect, it’ll be great!The Verdict? This brush has been discontinued, which I think was a good thing. It’s nice, but by no means is it a must-have. Which is why this review was so short! Why waste my time reviewing something you’d have to hunt down, but isn’t worth hunting down?

How many languages do you speak?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll be able to say “two, fluently!” I know a lot of you ladies probably have multiple languages, so I’d love to hear what they are!

[And no, I don’t speak Chinese. I’m so damn tired of people asking me a)CAN YOU TRANSLATE THIS?! and b)WHY DON’T YOU SPEAK CHINESE?!, always in tones LIKE THIS — clearly — because they are a)ignorant, or b)annoying.

I am Canadian. And that is what I speak. Now stuff it, jerks.]

Gold/purple tutorial

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I did a quick tutorial for yesterday’s look – on my eye, though, not on mum’s! I didn’t want to make her sit through all the photos etc.

You can do this in a simple three-step method, so stick around or scroll down. We’ll go over the materials/products first.

The materials:

I always do intersecting swatches to see which bases to pair with my shadows, and I thought you guys might like to see them! Bases are the one thing I cannot stress enough – they make a huge difference on the outcome of your look! I love mixing and matching products. It not only helps with staying powder, but it also amps up the vibrancy a TON!

Purples —
I ended up choosing Senna Twilight mixed with Korres Plum overtop of Smashbox Smashing Mystic jumbo pencil fort his look, though in real life I would have just used Twilight. (It doesn’t show up as well on camera as it did in real life!)

Golds —
Man, these were SO different over a base! Some of them turned orange, others brown… and one, the perfect shade of gold! I went with the Victoria’s Secret Mosaic Moss palette, which contains a gold shade. In real life, I’d layer it over Benefit Gilded, but for the photos, I chose Smashbox Smashing Velvet jumbo pencil as my base.

The steps:
1. Apply a base. Messiness doesn’t matter! Use a synthetic concealer/cream product brush or your finger to “pat” the product into itself, the other shade, and your lid. Don’t rub; this will only rub the product off.
2. Apply corresponding shadows overtop.
3. Blend. I know this looks more subdued in the photos than step #2, but I’m not quite sure why. In real life, the transition between 2 and 3 is definitely necessary and is conducive to a cleaner look! Get rid of all those harsh lines.
That’s it!
Line and apply mascara if you wish; I didn’t bother, as I knew I wouldn’t be wearing this out of the house.

One look, two different lid types

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I tried something different today: instead of just using an eye look as inspiration, I decided to do it on my monolid, and then use the same look for double (normal) lids! It was definitely fun, and not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be (as this one’s vertically, not horizontally, blended.) Tutorial here.

The promo that inspired the look:I know that my camera white balances very warm/bronze in DIRECT-direct sunlight (as in, oh-g0d-my-eyes-are-burning sunlight), and I wanted that bronzed look to match the promo – so I took the finished photos in this lighting!

Here’s my mum’s eye to start with. I did mine first, and hers about two hours later, so it was dark by the time we finished hers! I had to bump the ISO to 400 in order to get a clear image, so please excuse the noise! I really loved how her eye looked very purple from one side, and very gold from the other!
For the record, she’d never wear something like this out of the house – nor would I force her to! I know she isn’t the optimal age for this look, but she’s the only double lid I have easy access to, so dammit, I will take advantage of that fact! :P

And, finally, here’s my eye:

Hope you enjoyed the post! I had SO much fun doing a similar look on a monolid and a double lid – it was definitely fun making tiny alterations for the different lid types!

#1 Beauty Tool? You better believe it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It’s not a lash curler.

It’s not nail clippers.

It’s not even a toothbrush.

May I please introduce to you the new love of your lives, the holy grail of tweezers?? *applause*Product: Tweezerman mini slant tweezer.

On the size and tip: I like a shorter tweezer – you can get closer to the mirror, allowing for even greater precision. They do come in a “regular” size, though, so that shouldn’t be of any worry to you! Pick which ever one you prefer. And as for the tip? I prefer a slant tip, simply because they’re the most versitile. Point tweezers can only be used on ingrowns, and flat-top tweezers can only be used on larger hairs and larger areas, so these were the right fit for me!

What’s great: These are honestly the best tweezers I’ve ever come by. Now, that doesn’t include crazy high end ones – but who can actually afford to blow $100 on tweezers, for crying out loud?! Go feed a small nation for a month instead. They’re super-precise, so it’s easy to pull out little brow hairs that other tweezers can’t reach. Even better is the fact that when they dull, you can send them in for free sharpening! Now that’s a deal. As long as you don’t lose these babies, they’ll be with you forever!

(You better not go about losing them. Would you leave your baby in your one-night-stand’s bathroom?! Exactly. Don’t do it.)

The verdict? Do I even need to say it? Buy, buy, buy. I’d even pick these up if they’re not on sale (though if they are, even better!) Yes, folks. They’re that good.

They’re give-up-chocolate-for-a-month good.

We mean buisness.


Friday, July 10, 2009

As much as I miss you guys, I must admit – Rivière-du-Loup is kinda freaking fantastic. It`s gorgeous, the people are great, and I`ve somehow managed to make friends that I do not hate within the program.

Oh, right — I`ve also been learning French =P Somehow, though, this seems less of an OHMYGOD factor than it did a month ago. Walking down the street, it`s hard to remember you`re in an entirely different province with an entirely different language… that is, until you hear someone speak. Or until an old man glares at you — as a minority, I`m feeling much less welcome here than I do at home. Alas, the side effects of small towns in Québec.

Anyhow; it rained for about the first week and a half and I was a little worried I`d never see the sun again. But alas, it`s returned, and now I`m missing the rain (oh but of course!) We`re given pretty much every meal in the cafeteria – the food`s alright but very processed – except dinner on Friday through Sunday and lunch on the weekends, but they give us $40 to deal with that (which is incredibly strange, might I add.)

There isn`t too much more to be said. (Perhaps this is the reason for the rambling and poorly structured post?)I`ve been reading and responding to all your comments, and I really do hope it`s like I`m still 100% there! We`re kept fairly busy and get a ton of physical activity (if by this we mean that I`m on the third floor and you have to go down five sets of stairs and up another two to get the the cafeteria) so I`ve been pretty wiped by the end of the day — so sorry for the lack of “fresh news”! (You know I love my brackets and scare quotes.)

Also, my friends have seemed to decide to revere me as the makeup god of the program. Though I don`t agree with this fact, I`m totally ready to abuse their false conclusions and make the most of it – faces practicing on! Colour me psyched. However, as you all know, most of my makeup is at home, so I haven`t any variety, colour, or brushes. We`re not quite sure how to deal with aside from each person buying a product or two from Shopper`s for their colouring – I`m considering the Maybelline quads under Tanya`s advice (read the review here) and cannot find NYX here, but any drugstore rants or raves would be greatly appreciated in the comments!

ON THAT NOTE, Shopper`s is Pharmasave here, and it sells professional colour. So, of course, I picked up some 10vol and 5-99 for myself ^^ For a colour girl, it`s pretty damn exciting!

Off to go finish mes devoirs. I hate that we have homework and tests, but it`s not heaps and heaps, so I really haven`t a problem with it.


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