I once heard a girl try to pronounce it "dew-bonnet"…

Product: MAC Dubonnet Amplified lipstick. Shade: I thought this was still a touch too orange-fire-engine red for me, but I do quite like it. It makes a gorgeous stain, and is a fairly versitile colour! I can see this working on a lot of ladies, and though it isn’t OH MY GOD HOLY GRAIL (ha, the first time I wrote “holy grill”… um, no.) it is quite nice and I do get compliments when wearing it.And I promise it’s not just because they’re afraid I’m a tranny that’s going to beat ’em up.

This swatch is too blue to be true to colour (the lip swatches are closer, though they’re a little too blue too), but here it is anyways:
Other stuff: I love the vanilla smell of MAC lipsticks, and I love the B2M program. And how easy it is to find MAC! I can think of at least five counters or freestanding MAC stores within forty-five minutes of me, which definitely gets points for convenience. However, I’m not feeling the Amplified formula – it’s too drying for my super-dry lips, if you know what I mean! But I think it would be fine for most people.

Need help finding a liner? I swatched a bunch with it – it’s on unlined, unprimed lips for the swatch photo (as always!) but I do like wearing a liner when I’m going out. (Acutally, most days I only wear liner. But whatever.)

The shade I found to be closest to Dubonnet was MAC Burgundy, but I usually layer my Victoria’s Secret Sizzle liner under it for a little more depth – remember, ladies! Don’t line your lips, fill them in by creating a precise line, then forming a gradient to the centre of your lips. Would you only ice the outer edge of a cupcake?! No. No you wouldn’t.
MQ: MAC Quartz MC: MAC Cranberry
MB: MAC Burgundy

VS: Victoria’s Secret Sizzle CC: Cargo Berry (why the hell is that a CC?!)

The Verdict: As long as you don’t have super-dry lips like me (I know, shame shame) this is a great lipstick. Just like any other one, though, I’d check it out in-store first! I wish it was a little more blue-based, but I’m very particular about my reds – I still haven’t found the perfect one, and I’ve been searching for over a year!

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  • Fabulously Broke

    That looks awesome on you!I think it'd work for me, if I mixed it with some lip balm to make it more moisturize-y and balm-yBest line ever: Would you only line the outer edge of a cupcake?! No. No you wouldn't.

  • Catherine

    Oooooh, I've been eyeing this lipstick forever. Is it very dry though? I have dry lips… =/

  • Ginger

    Have you tried MAC's Russian Red? It's more of a true red, but still has the cool undertones that would work with your skin.

    It's pretty bright. I love it. I get so much attention from the boys when I wear it + Brick liner.

    I may try this red though–I like the ones with the blue undertones!

  • Rae

    Catherine: I find it to be more drying than I'd like – dry-lipped girls like us are better off with something else imo. That said, though, it *is* gorgeous, and more moirsturising than pencils etc!

  • Rae

    FB: Merci! I pretty much always layer it… lots of lip balm!

  • Rae

    Ginger: I'm pretty sure I have. And it scared the crap out of me! Gorgeous, yes… mais pas pour moi. At least, not yet!

  • suzie wuzie

    how would you say dubonnet then?

  • Michelle (Lipstick R

    Dubonnet was one of the first lipsticks I ever bought from MAC in the late 1990s! Happy to find another Canadian beauty blogger! Come and visit mine if you get a saw your comment on Illamasqua on Karen's blog — I bought a couple of their products recently and LOVE them. Sad we can't order from them through Sephora yet)

  • Rae

    suzie: I'm bollocks at phonetics, but it's along the lines of duh-bon-neh, rather than dew-bonnet ^^

  • Rae

    Michelle: Hey there =) There definitely arn't enough of us Canadian beauty bloggers – I will definitely be checking out Lipstick Rules when I get a chance!!

  • Meream

    That is an awesome shade! It complements your skin perfectly. :)