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Product: WildShine, which idiotically does not have the company listed on the tube. Anywhere. But it’s by Wet ‘n Wild, current tsar of cheap-but-effective drugstore goodness. The shade? Passionate, a bright hot pink/fuchsia.

Ahhh why is this photo so dark?!

Texture and smell:
As with most drugstore lipsticks, this doesn’t have the most “luxe” scent – it’s rather crayon-y, if you can imagine that! But more “scent-free” than “ohmygod nausea”, which is a nice change from the usually putrid lipstick bullets you pick up at the drugstore.

As for the texture, though, this feels like a gloss. A glorious, non-sticky gloss!! But as always, the exchange is texture for staying power. Though it feels glorious, it’s this very aspect that will have it melting off your lips in no time.Packaging: cheap. And not “normal cheap, because it’s from a drugstore”, but cheap. The product sticks out an inch above the tube when you buy it, and it’s hell to put the cap (which is very loose) back on when you’re trying not to hit it!! I’m tempted to just cut off the first inch, so I can roll it back more easily. I do like the slim tube, though. It’s a little more fun, and allows for a little (TINY BIT) more precision.

But all of this is irrelevant. With such a bold shade, what’s important isn’t what’s in the tube – it’s what’s on your lips. So here are some photos of it, right on my lips with no base or lip liner:Hey look, the shadow of my nose!
[not an alien]

And here are photos of it on top of concealer – BAM!
The verdict? I think this line would have great YLBB shades, but I woudn’t wear such a bold colour in this formula. The “why” is simple: though it is gorgeous and unexpectedly pigmented, I think the super-slippery texture would turn you into a hot mess in no time flat.

But hey! If you’re okay with not applying over concealer for that extra “bam!” or using super-bold shades, I think these would work well for you – espeically for drugstore price. After all, they do feel fantastic!

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  • Rae

    Laura: aww, thanks hon :) It most certainly is cheap — go swatch it in store! I have a feeling you're going to love it.

  • beautifulmonday

    dang, you have a beautiful mouth.

    i love messing about with colour so maybe i'll get this as i'm sure it's cheap. :) i am the queen of cheap.