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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My favourite lip liner, currently, is Victoria’s Secret “Sizzle” – a dark burgundy red, that unlike most reds, doesn’t pull very yellow on me.

It’s the most gorgeously creamy liner you will ever try, I kid you not! Packaged in an automatic tube, there’s no sharpening required, and a tip that is always small. It’s seriously heaven in pencil form.
But then I found out that, of course, it had been discontinued a while back. This is a story that is all too familiar with me, for all my holy grail products. But then, swatching a couple other liners in the back of my drawer, I found an almost perfect dupe! It’s non-automatic, less creamy, and a hair off – but it’s close enough and looks the same on my lips.

What is this mysterious shade, you ask? Burgundy, by MAC! Go try it on – this one hasn’t been discontinued (tch. Yet.)

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