Transformation of my room

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here are some uncut photos of my room taking shape – finishing with my new MALM! Scroll and love it to pieces, because it’s freaking awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not 100% done (we won’t have time to move any of the artwork on my walls until I get back) but this is what it looks like right now!

empty room

the first arrangement


…and some more furniture

something to tide me over until I had time to pick up my MALM

finally, my MALM and gorgeous drapes are moved in.
(I love my drapes the way I love having two feet.)

Tiny update

The Veet wax strip review from the other day has been updated with photos, just so you know :)

And photos of my vanity will be up within the hour!

On behalf of the orange glow

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No one likes an oompa loompa tan – but there’s certainly something that can be said for it. (Aside from “tacky”, of course.)

I’ve finally decided that I cannot single-handedly erase the public opinion that tanned is good. I can, of course, still stand tall on my soapbox and preach about it: super-tan is not super-healthy. Beautiful does not have to be bronze.
That said, I support fake tanning. I still don’t think being tan is a necessity, but I support getting bronzed in your bathroom – does that make sense? So, while I still think a bad bottle-bronze looks tacky and awful, I feel a strange sense of support for it.


Well, while bronze may not say beautiful, orangeish says that you’re too smart to let the sun roast away your epidermis just so you won’t be pale. With self-tanners and bronzers, you can slather on the SPF, keep yourself safe, and still look as bronzed as you want. Orangeish means that you don’t have to risk your health just to be tan.
And this is why I support fake tanning.

(But seriously, guys. If you’re so orange I want to eat you — you need to lay off the GlowFusion.)

Not just bones and skin

Hilary Duff, in a black bikini, on Popsugar.

May I just take a moment to say thank you? It’s refreshing to finally see someone in Hollywood that doesn’t look like she’s about to pass out because it’s been fourteen days since her last feeding *rolls eyes*

Thanks for looking healthy, Hilary!

Here’s the day you hoped would never come

Night terrors.

They’re not dreams and they’re not nightmares – night terrors are what you end up with when you get a nightmare and you’re not in stage 4 delta sleep. If you were, then your mind would be prepared for it, and it would simply be a nightmare. But it’s not.

I didn’t want to wake up today. Today, according to the terrors I’ve been having recently, is the day I die. I have a stroke. There isn’t anything you or I can do to stop it, there isn’t anything you or I could have done to prevent it.

It is irrational, to say the least. But I can’t stop thinking that today — today is the day that I die.

A beauty blogger’s best friend

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Product: Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips for Face and Bikini

What they say:

… Veet Facial and Bikini Wax Strips are designed to reach the delicate, smaller areas, targeting those hard-to-reach areas of your face as well as touch-ups around the body. Just smooth a strip onto your skin, remove with one swift movement and sweep over a Perfect Finish Wipe to remove any traces of wax residue. You’ll come away with skin that’s silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Our strips are designed for hair as short as 2mm, so you never have to wait for your hair to get “long enough” to wax. Just wax and go!

In the box: 20 wax strips, 4 Perfect Finish wipes, and an instruction leaflet. That’s six “face” and four “bikini” sheets (but, once you pull them apart, you have two strips per sheet.) The bikini ones are larger, about double the width of the face strips, but both can be trimmed before you pull them apart if needed!Why they’re great: Compared to traditional wax, these are incredibly easy to use. It literally takes under five minutes to wax away 90% of your pesky upper lip hair (I just get the rest with tweezers.) And trust me – as a beauty blogger, this is a necessity. It might not be visible to the normal eye, but once that macro function is on, you better not have any peach fuzz up there! Though not flawless, these strips are so convenient that it’s worth it.

Unfortunately, these are also much more expensive and wasteful than normal (pot) wax, and as I said, don’t get everything. But taking time and effort into consideration, plus the fact that going into a salon to get waxed costs about $20, just for brows? Definitely worth it. Assuming you use this kit four times, that’s a difference of about $7 to $80!!

Click to enlarge and tip your head to the side to read.
Try not to break anything in your neck while you’re at it!

Other stuff: The strips come with “Perfect Finish” wipes – basically, stiff wipes that get the wax off your skin. They’re a bit harsh, but they smell alright and the oil comes off with a quick cleansing. And here’s the left-field piece of information of the day: the bikini strips, once trimmed, are great for waxing your jawline/sideburns. Dark-haired girls… you know what I’m taking about! It’s just peach fuzz, and not noticable, but once once side has fuzz and one doesn’t, you really seee the difference. Jaw definition and a brighter complexion, here I come!The verdict? I love these. I’d like to try different companies, but the supermarket that I pick them up at is always out of everything else. (We tend to do our shopping quite late in the day… as in, eight o’clock at night kind of late.) These are great, even for beginners. And yes, the waxing does sting for a minute or two, but it is so worth it!

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