First base

I don’t have much to say about MAC’s Cream Colour Bases – to be quite frank, I find them vaguely boring. Yes, there are a few gorgeous ones, and yes, they’re great… but all in all, they’re a little utilitarian.As eye bases, applied thinly, they work like any other eye primer. Not as good as UDPP, for instance, but still much better than nothing. (Don’t even try to apply these thickly. All you’ll get is creasing!) However, because they must be applied so thinly, it’s almost impossible to get any major colour out of them.

As cheek products, they do shine – Pearl in particular is a very popular hilighter! The other frost shades make great hilighters as well, depending on the skintone and the look. The cremes are wonderful as creme blushes, layered under powder for that extra “pop”.
The verdict? These are great “staple” items, but I don’t get excited over them for some strange reason. They do what they should, are packaged well, and maintain creaminess for a very long time, but unless you manage to score just the right shade for you – they’re a bit of a yawn.

Single photos are in the post below this one – I didn’t want this to be too long!
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  • /lachesis.

    Completely agree – I've never been super excited about a Cream Color Base ever. Though, I think they work fab on dry skinned girls.

  • Rae

    lachesis: I agree – slightly! When my eye area is super-dry, these "cling" to the dry bits and look a little flakey. However, when they're normal-dry, it's all good :P