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June 2009

    That’s right. We’re going all-out now.

    You know what I love doing? Fun lips. I don’t wear them around, but they’re wonderufl to do when I want to play with makeup but I’m too tired to do an eye look!
    (Want to know a secret? I hate doing eye looks/full faces because of removal. Yes… I really am that lazy.)

    So anyhow, here are some purple lips! The photos are, unfortunately, from that awkward phase a couple months back when I had a really shitty lightbulb.

    If you’re interested in the colour, it’s just MAC Grape liner over concealer (TimeBalm, Lighter Than Light). Before we get started, here’s what the tissue I used to wipe off the look ended up looking like: (Grape is very pigmented and very true to shade!)

    (Sorry for the yellow lighting – these are old photos from the ugly-lightbulb days.)

    Matte lips: