Star-spangled… lips?!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

See this post for more information and a tutorial! I re-did the look, but used large craft store star glitter instead. I like how it turned out — totally unwearable, totally high maintenance, and quite possible hazardous to your heath!

Sorry these photos (excluding the materials photo) pulled a little yellow – I guess my white balance was off!


Without gloss or stars:
The finished product! Here you go:


Friday, May 22, 2009

I’m not sure if anyone is interested in a series of brush reviews, but I’ve already started, so… expect them! I received a bunch of brushes in the best-day-ever escapades, and haven’t reviewed any of them on theNotice yet.

Expect Aura Science, MAC, Smashbox, and Stila :)

No post today…

…because I was up until two working on my second World Lit paper.

But I promise, I have a TON of stuff sitting on my computer, just waiting for me to write posts around the images! Over three hundred files, to be exact. So stay tuned, and you’ll be well rewarded for your patience.

Or at the very least, you’ll be rewarded. It’s up to you weather or not you like the rewards :P

Ahh, it’s like three posts in a day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Edit: here’s the repressing tutorial featured as a guest blog on Karen’s MABB! Thanks, girl!

Splurge: "The Envelope"

Yesterday, I posted about Senna’s “Makeup Box” – and forgot to mention that it’s been discontinued! They’re now selling “The Envelope”, a very similar palette, for $99.
I know it sounds a little nuts, but I think that this palette would be worth it, if you could stop yourself from buying other goodies! If you love quality makeup (but don’t want to be buying it all. the. time) this could literally be your entire colour collection – six blushes, shimmering powder, a bronzing duo, and sixteen eye shades would have you set until a) it expires, or b) you hit pan on everything.

It works out to about $4/item, and no one can argue that a price like that isn’t a steal! So, as long as you can buy this and stop at that, it’s definitely worth the splurge.

But for all you cosmetic junkies out there: you keep your paws off of this! I know I wouldn’t be able to let this be my whole collection, though it really is all I “need”. Another option? Depot and split it with a friend (or four). The shadow pans will fit in MAC palettes (and therefore also in palettes by Coastal Scents, elf, etc) and the blush pans will fit in Stila eyeshadow palettes. Japonesque makes palettes that can hold both!

Just a thought :)

Hair show FOTD

I’ve finally gotten around to cropping and resizing these, so here you go! Unfortunately, it was grey and windy by the time I got home, so my curls were mostly out and a lot of the photos were blurred (my camera has some trouble focusing in low light conditions.) This is the look, after about six hours!

Vanilla pigment all over the lid, Fiberwing mascara, and a mix of GOSH Pretty Petrol and some Coastal Scents sample on the lower lash line. Quick and easy – I didn’t want any possibility of having to retouch during the day. (And I didn’t have to. This simple look held up great!)
Lancome Rose Fresque on the cheeks, MAC Harmony to contour. This is my favourite cheek combination right now, which is why you’re seeing it so often! Bare lips.
Because I’m freaking awesome (well, not really – it’s because of good planning) this is all I had to take with me! Small baggies of the pigments, an angled brush (all in one zippered bag, might I add) as well as some concealer, mascara, and silica powder (which I wanted my friend to try for her oily skin).

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