Neutrogena: the new sun authority?

I picked up Neutrogena‘s new sunscreen for babies a couple of weeks ago — Pure & Free, with their PureScreen complex. I just call it PureScreen, because let’s face it: that’s a much more awesome name.

It’s paraben and chemical sunscreen free, which is why I picked it up in the first place. (As a lot of you know, my sister is allergic to both!) We’ve been desperately hunting down something that she can actually use, without feeling totally gross… and coming up empty handed.
Texture and finish: The PureScreen is on the thick side, but not nearly as thick as a normal suncreen. No, it’s more of a “heavy moisturiser” thickness. The heaviest moisturiser I can think of right now is Korres’ Yogurt one — this is much lighter than that!! Its finish is very natural; there’s no oiliness, shimmer, or “dewiness” (which drives my sister nuts. Going through the Sephora beauty book, the only comment she could manage was “why are they so glowy?! It’s disturbing. And icky.”)

Oiliness through the day: Unlike most suncreens, I didn’t end up as an oil slick. In fact, I was no more oily than normal! This is not only waterproof and sweatproof, but also hypoallergenic and oil-free! The last two are terms that I usually discredit to marketing, but I really feel that this product lives up to them.

Major reasons why I love it? Because I’m so fair, this acts not only as an awesome suncreen, but also as a tinted moisturiser! However, this is a disadvantage as well: darker skinned girls will definitely notice the whitish cast moreso than I do. And it’s almost scent free, which is definitely a bonus from that awful suncreen scent that usually follows you around all day!

The verdict? This is an incredible suncreen, for both face and body! Sure, I don’t love the finish as much as Shiseido’s lotion sunscreens (that stuff sinks in like a dream) but keep in mind that theirs has both parabens and chemical suncreens. And at about $11/3oz, you can’t beat the PureScreen’s price! Especially when the next runner-up for “best suncreen ever” costs $48/3.3oz *glares at Shiseido*

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  • Meream

    I was loving the review until you mentioned that darker-skinned girls may notice a filmy substance or something. Guess I’d need to find another product. :D

  • Rae

    Meream: a white layer. But hey, if you want to look the same shade with your summer tan as you do in the winter, this might be exactly what you need =P

  • Rae

    Justine: I picked this one up at Save-On Foods =) I'm pretty sure that I saw a bunch at Superstore today, too!

  • asiyakei

    Which store did you find this at? I haven’t seen anything over an SPF 55 at any of the drugstores yet… I’m a bit darker but I might try this under my foundation if it absorbs well, but otherwise I need a body sunscreen regardless!

  • Tessa

    Rae-I love this too! My mom picked it up for my brother, but I quickly fell in lovee;)
    I was going to write a review on this later, oh well! The SPF lip posts will be coming eventually. Emphasis on the eventually, I haven’t got all the SPF glosses I want yet!!

  • Rae

    Tess: yes! I want to hear about SPF glosses!!

    Idea… should we be clearing reviews before you write them? I’d hate to double-review something!

  • Kim

    I just bought this today at Walgreens :) there was a $2 manufacturer's coupon on the display and a $2 coupon in the store ad~ awesome.

  • Rae

    Kim: hey girl! That is an AWESOME deal – and totally worth it. Neutrogena is pretty much the new love of my life.