Does anyone recognize these compacts?

Mom used to have one when I was little – major flashback when I saw this page! (210 in Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual… which sucked, by the way)
I can say with 90% certainty that the one with the silver in the corner is Revlon, but that’s not the one that was bugging me! Does anyone recognize the brown compacts with the little twisty gold square? It’s driving a bunch of us on mac_cosmetics and MUA completely nuts!!

If it helps any, it’s a blush compact – that, too, I’m sure of.

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  • Joan


  • Rae

    Joan: They're *similar*, but the logo isn't the same – and from what I can find, the Givenchy logo has always been the same!

  • Audrie

    sorry hun, never seen that compact before :/

  • Worthington

    I thought it was late 1970s-mid 1980s… Elizabeth Arden?

  • Rae

    Worthington: Hi there, and welcome to theNotice!! I'll go google that :P Thanks!

  • Julia

    Have you found which brand they are ? :)

  • Rae

    Julia: Oh my gosh, I forgot to post that?!YES, I have – they're Revlon blush compacts from ages ago ^^