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Book: Iman: The Beauty of Color: The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Skin of Color. Talk about a mouthful. $19.95USD; $14.96 from Amazon.

What they say about it: (Taken from

Now in paperback-the beauty event of the year! Iman’s full-color guide to makeup for women of every skin tone.

The first beauty and make-up book to address skin tones from across the spectrum-including Latina, black, Asian, Indian, Native American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern, as well as multiple ethnicities-The Beauty of Color features:

– Skin care basics with specialized beauty regimens for skin of color
– Makeup 101-what you really need for every skin tone
– How to create ten amazing make-up looks with easy step-by-step instructions and photos
– Famous beauties, including Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Eva Mendes, Venus and Serena Williams, Eve, Rosario Dawson, Padma Lakshmi, Jade Jagger, Alicia Keys, and Kimora Lee Simmons
– Remarkable real-life makeovers for women of every age.

What I liked: The outlook of the book, that being that women are beautiful. But really: what else would you expect from a beauty book? Below I’ve posted photos of the intro (please don’t sue my ass off). I think it’s absolutely wonderful, and because it’s from a model’s point of view, there’s insight there that not everyone would be able to include.
I also liked the following makeovers – finally, an Asian model that’s effing gorgeous, and an “older” makeover with a woman who’s still “got it”!
Unlike with other books, there’s a chapter on fun shadow looks, all which could easily be toned down to be more wearable. I’ve included one just so you can get the feel of it – there are great diagrams and easy to follow instructions, opposite a photo of that look on a model.

There were great tips on applying different products, as well as what they’re for. My favourite description? The one for a lip stain!And the last thing I liked – this photo. It looks like so much fun!

What I wasn’t crazy about: The second and third pages. What do you get once you open the book? A full-ego assault by a bunch of Iman covers. We get it. You’re a supermodel. Please stop telling us.

This makeover of Vanessa Williams! There were a ton of great celebrity-of-colour makeovers, but this one fell short. Why? The photoshopping. Check the image below, one of their “behind the scenes” images. S
he’s like, ten shades darker! Why would they feel the need to lighten up a gorgeous woman so much?!

The Verdict? There were a couple things in this book that I didn’t like, but aside from that, I thought it was great! This would be the perfect gift for a teenager of color who’s uncomfortable in her own skin – a wonderful reminder that “Caucasian” and “beautiful” are not synonymous.

For those of us who already are comfortable with our ethnicities, it’s still a good book, but as with many others… I wouldn’t buy it. I’d buy it far before picking up the Sephora one, or Bobbi’s Makeup Manual, but with all the information we have at our fingertips on the web, I doubt I’d re-read this.

So if you are interested, here’s how to decide if you should buy it: pick it up in the bookstore, flip to the part with instructions for eye looks, and if you really like them, buy this! If not, rent it from the library, because it is worth reading once.

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