At home, sick :(

Chuck, one of my favourite shows at the moment, is facing possible cancellation… which makes me pretty darn sad! It’s one of the few clean, funny, and all-around awesome shows on the air right now. (Some other loves? Gossip Girl, of course, as well as Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, the Mentalist, and Dollhouse)

(Major empahsis on Dollhouse. Whedon, I love you.)

I just thought I’d mention that -shrugs- as I’ve just had time to watch this week’s episode. So go watch some Chuck! The lesson we learned (or should have learned) this week?

If a hitch-hiker looks like this, do not pick him up:(And for all of you wondering, that’s the videostic player. I find most of my links through Sidereel, but I prefer to watch on Videostic or Megastic! (Are they different, aside from the urls? I’m not sure.) Yes, megavideo loads faster, but for whatever reason, the audio track is always off by the time the show’s half over!

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  • Rae

    Joan: Whee! Great minds =P

  • Rae

    Audrie: Ugh, Lipstick Jungle. I couldn't stand that show!! I'm not entirely sure why… there was just something incredibly grating about it. I absolutely loved Cashmere Mafia, though – and that one got cancelled too :(Aww, you're so lucky that you get to use hulu! (It doesn't play outside the US, boo)

  • Joan

    I love that show too! It’s one of my absolute favorites.

  • Audrie

    ooo I have never seen Chuck before, sucks that it is getting cancelled…why must they cancel all the good shows?? Like Lipstick Jungle…haha don’t laugh, but it was actually really good!

    I’m loving Dollhouse as well, need to catch up on more episodes from hulu!