More discontinued awesomeness

Remember the gorgeous blushes I told you about the other day? Well, I tried out two glosses from the same line, Aura Science. The tubes are awkwardly shaped, but the gloss! Oh, the glosses! Decently pigmented and … what is this maddness??!

They’re non-sticky!!!

And the bastards cut not only these glosses, but the whole line. How could they do this to us?!

Anyhow. Swatches, lip swatches, and photos of the holy grail glosses follow.
Left: Glazed Pink, a pearlescent, shimmery peachy-pink.

Right: Baby Plum, a more pigmented warm red-plum.

(Same order as above – Baby Pink, then Glazed Plum.)

The flat applicator. I don’t mind it – to keep these clean for my kit, I blob ’em onto the back of my clean hand first anyways.

Glazed Pink (my favourite of the two)

Baby Plum – isn’t it a gorgeous no-nonsense, classy-but-glossy lip?

And another shot of Glazed Pink! I’m hoping this’ll translate the pearl factor a little better.

Argh. It just kills me that I can’t tell you where to get these, or how much they are! They truly are amazing products. If for whatever reason you have a chance to buy anything by Aura Science… do so!

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  • psychoexgirlfriend

    Wait, why can't you tell us where to get Aura Science?

  • Joan

    glazed pink looks gorgeous on you!

  • Rae

    Joan: thanks! I love it – it's super easy to wear, yet so fun!! *sigh*

  • Rae

    Anna: The Aura Science line has been discontinued :( They didn't even give it that long of a run – I don't know how they managed to kill such a great line so quickly, but the execs at Shiseido and Victoria's Secret somehow made a slew of really bad decisions, I guess…

  • melanie

    haha, I just wrote "discontinued awesomeness" in my other comment before I even saw this. lol.

  • Rae

    M: I know!! I just saw that =D Great minds, hon. Great minds…

  • Vonnie

    You have very nice lip shape!!

  • Rae

    Vonnie: Welcome to theNotice, and… thanks, I think :P