Just read to the bottom, alright?

This’ll go up at six tomorrow morning, as usual, but I’m writing it at quarter to nine on Wednesday night!

I have a major Chem35 (IB material – VSEPR, mainly) test tomorrow (Thurs) so I don’t have time to give you guys a real post, and Tess didn’t email me her Tessa Thursday segment! I’m headed into hardcore-studying-mode from 9:00 to, well, probably until 11:00. So… there won’t be a real post for today. Not even a drafted-for-later-scheduling post, because the only ones I have left (I’ve told you. School. Has. Been. Hell.) are all meant to go up as a series, and I’m not done all of them!

So, because I don’t want to let you guys down, here’s a ten-minute review + anecdote.

What you see above is a tube and swatch of NYC lipstick – the shade is Mauve Gold, in their Ultra Last Lipwear formula, and it’s actually pretty decent! I mean, I wouldn’t dub this “holy grail” or anything, but if you’re in a foreign city and you forgot your lipstick at home, picking up a tube of this stuff wouldn’t hurt. It’s not very pigmented and quite glittery, but seeing as they’re sold for like $2… you can afford to pick one or two up in a pinch and lose them a week later. The shade’s nice enough.

I mean, it’s not recommended, because it’s wasteful, but you could theoretically do it.

If you’re actually thinking about it, though, think about the polar bears first. YOU ARE INDIRECTLY KILLING BABY POLAR BEARS.

But I digress.

So I swatch this stuff, in typical Rae fashion. Upload the pictures to my computer a few days later. Edit for colour representation. Move the file from “raw” to “done!” so I know they’re suitable for impromptu posting…

…and mom leans towards my computer screen, looking at the photo below.

“What are those?!” she asks incredulously. “Are those your pores?!

Oh, mothers. See, this is why I rarely let mine out of the house alone.

“Mom,” I say in all seriousness, quirking an eyebrow (yes, I can do that. And a whole other assortment of strange and singular facial expressions!) “That’s called a tissue. It’s white. And fibre-based. What. In. The. Hell.”

There is a pause. And then, meekly but with humor:

Raaaaaae. You’re totally going to blog about this, aren’t you?”Clearly, the answer was yes. And you’re all off to a better start of the day because of it!

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  • Elvira

    Sometimes the best post are those done at the last min! LMAO @ “YOU ARE INDIRECTLY KILLING BABY POLAR BEARS.” You rock! Good luck w/ your Chem test!

  • Laura R

    LOL- good thing I put my mug down!

  • Rae

    Elvira: Thanks for the luck :) I’m going to need it!! Rereading this 10hrs later, it makes me seem kinda batshit crazy (my new favourite term). But hey – if I can make you laugh, then it’s worth it! =P

  • Rae

    Laura: Yes it is :P If I had known that your limbs flail when you laugh, I would have warned you! No one likes hot beverages all over their lap and keyboard.

    Or maybe that’s just me…

    Nope. I’m pretty sure that’s not a fun feeling =P

  • Phyl

    The bit toward the end made me choke a little on my drink (: So funny.

  • Rae

    Phyl: what IS it with all you people, drinking while reading theNotice? Do you have to booze up to find it entertaining?! :P I kid, I kid.