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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I totally screwed up posting today’s installment, so I promise to have it up next week! I’m so sorry, Tess, hon :( I set it to post in 2010 x.x I know – whoo, go Rae! Not.

Have fun salivating

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures of the traincase, as promised! I already took photos (both product photos and swatch photos) of each different line of foundation, so in the next few weeks you’ll get a ton of foundation reviews! There were some great formulas and some not-so-great ones, plus I found the HG – Aura Science’s stick foundation, in L3. It’s a perfect match for me, creamy, but with a smooth powder finish. The downside? Obviously there is one, because that’s the way the world works for Rae: not only has it been discontinued, Aura Science doesn’t even exist anymore. -sigh-. Oh well. I’ll get over it, especially as I don’t wear foundation unless I absolutely must!

I’m not about to list off everything, so feel free to enlarge the photos and have a look around for yourself! There isn’t a ton in terms of shadows (though there are a bunch of lovely Senna ones that aren’t in here, as the box is separate and rather large) or lippies (as they go rancid more quickly) so I’ll still have to accumulate those if I want to “complete” my kit, but for foundation, concealer, bronzers, and eye brushes? I’m set! (that just sends shivers up my spine ^^)

Everything, unorganized: (isn’t that the most wonderful traincase design ever? It’ll never get top-heavy and fall over, becuse – get this – the shelves rest on the lid. It’s ingenious!)

All aboard! Some of it’s in my drawer for daily use, and some items from my drawer have moved to the traincase.

The foundations, bold lip pencils, a few tools, and concealers:

Blushes, CCBs, a few shadows, lots of bronzer, primers, lip products (of which there are a TON of pencils), mascaras, brow duos… (!)
Man, I’m buzzing with excitement! And I think I know what to do as a “thank you”, now, so off I go!

Oh. My. God.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was expecting a tiny sack. Maybe a box. Ten items, tops.

Mom came home with an entire large-sized traincase, literally packed full with makeup – colours for every skintone under the sun, brushes, everything!

I’ll post pictures later tomorrow night when I find my plug-thingy, and stop hyperventillating.

Oh my god!

I’m off to go work on the best thank-you letter ever, because honestly, it is necesary. I feel like someone just gave me her baby, but less guilty, because I’m not in some giant human trafficing scandal.

The battle of the HG powders

The contenders enter the ring and circle around each other. Silica takes a shot at Lucidity. He misses! Lucidity lunges at Silica Powder’s trousers and grabs ahold. The ref bloooows the whistle –

Man, I need to get more sleep. My powders are attacking each other in a strange personified state in my head!

Well, here’s how it went down… (if you’d like to skip to the bottom, I understand and promise not to hate you. The conclusion and “verdict” is down there!)


I apply a thick streak of blush to the back of my hand, making sure it’s even throughout. I section it into three parts with my black eyeliner.

I put silica powder over the first section of blush, Estee Lauder Lucidity (in Medium, which is too dark for my skin but sheers out and is alright) on the middle and leave the last one empty. I label them.

I realize that “s” for silica, “e” for Estee, and “x” for nothing will not work when I look at my hand for the second time and see it reads “sex”. Way to FAIL, Rae.

The silica has left a whitish cast on my skin, and is more obvious in the lines where there is no blush. The Lucidity has toned down the blush much more, but is invisible in the lines on the back of my hand. It is glittering rather violently, though.

I wash some grapes, and pat dry the back of my hand. What is this maddness?! The glitter is gone?! I rush into the sunlight to find that, no, it’s still there – but now that part of my hand looks like it’s glowing from within. The gaudy glitter is gone, and natural, wearable shimmer has been left behind!
I go back for a second round of grapes. Man, Everyday Mineral’s Sunday Brunch looks ugly on my hand (so orange!) but it sure does hold up well. There’s a tiny bit of fading on the bare section, but the two with powder on top look the same as they did while I was eating my first bowl of grapes.

I examine the Estee Lauder. It’s way more expensive, at about $30 (for much less product), but it gives a gorgeous glow that silica doesn’t, and is available in-store. On the flip side, though, it ‘tones down’ the blush a bit. Buuut then it has to go and apply more smoothly and be less obvious on bare skin. And feel velvety soft. Darn, now the decisions getting harder!

I examine the silica. The biggest problem is that it raises a number of health concerns, plus it’s more visible on bare skin. But it leaves a very smooth finish, and absorbs oil, the latter of which Lucidity doesn’t. It’s cheaper, but not sold in stores unless you’re buying MUFE HD, which is on-par with Lucidity in terms of price.

The bare part is starting to fade away – I’d say only half the pigment is left. Which is prety awesome, seeing as I washed myself a thrid bowl of grapes, ate a cookie, and did a crapload of homework. I may have to try wearing this blush, even though I don’t think the colour will suit me at all!

No change from a half hour ago. I’m thinking about scrubbing my hand with soap to see if anything will happen.
I spilt some browns sugar sauce (used on our kabochi squash – mmm!) on my hands and had to wash thoroughly. I think the Lucidity is actually doing a better job…

Got bored, gave up. In the end, the swatchs under both powders held up about the same, and the un-powdered swatch wore to about half of its original intensity.


The result? Well, these two loose powders work equally as well.

The silica is great because of its gorgeous texture, cheap price, and oil-absorbing qualities. It’s not-so-great because it’s only available online, doesn’t come pressed or tinted, and there are a number of health concerns.

The Estee Lauder powder is great because it’s readily available, comes in many shades, comes pressed and loose, gives a gorgeous glow, and there are no health concerns. It’s not-so-great because it’s more expensive, doesn’t absorb oil as well, and has a bit of a “makeup”-y smell to it.

The descision is yours!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Man, I thought I found HG with silica powder.

Now Costal Scents is the talk of the nation and they’ve edited the MSDS data sheet to instruct you to flush with water if you get it on your skin. WTF, guys?! Cosmetic-grade, but you have to flush with water if you get it on your skin?


Any translucent powder recs, guys? I guess I’ll be needing a new one. If there’s this much talk about how safe (or unsafe!) it is, I think I’ll store it away and not use it for a while – better safe than sorry!

CS Haul

Guess who found picturse of her Costal Scents haul from before Christmas?

That’s right – me. Enjoy the photos and I’m not going to bother with text at this point x.x

The silica was a mess in the ziploc bag they put the container in, so I transferred some into an empty EDM jar (with a sifter, not pictured), cleaned thoroughly beforehand of course! I definitely recommend doing this is you buy their silica powder – you’ll get most of it all over your house instead of on your face if you don’t!
Synthetic liner brush and eyelash comb. The comb’s lovely in that you only have one set of metal bristles to clean – no annoying brow brush on the other side! If you can tell from the closer photo, the teeth on the comb aren’t of fabulous quality, but it gets the job done and is cheap cheap cheap!

Pink kabuki for mom! I convinced her she should keep some mineral foundation around for when she does her face to go out (a rare occasion, happening only once every year or so). She’s been thinking about having some around, and I thought minerals would be a good choice, as they’re lightweight, EM samples are free, and they keep forever if you don’t contaminate them in any way.

I have yet to teach her how to properly apply them by herself, though ^^ She tried using her fingers the first time – it was so cute!
And a lovely sample they threw in. It was “meh” and ended up as an extra in someone else’s package *shrugs*

(I forgot to take pictures of my five gram jars and spatuals, but hey: they’re not that interesting anyways!)

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