So the lovely Tess is looking for a new makeup remover and, well, who to enlist but me? What is that? You hear maniacal laughter? Oh no, that’s not me. *cough*

Anyhow, I’m going to pick apart her comment like I’m writing a detailed analysis on a key passage…

“I used to use Bi-Facil, but the price tag is astronomical.”
Bi-Facil is a duo-phase makeup remover, which means that it has two layers, is oil-based, and removes waterproof makeup very well! Most of us junkies would agree that duo-phase ones are the best for removing waterproof cosmetics, making them “slide off” without rubbing, but they get a lot of hate for the fact that they leave your skin oily (well duh, they’re oil-based!)

Right now, I’m loving Clinique’s Take the Day Off instead, which for $17.50/4.2 fl oz is substantially cheaper than Lancome’s Bi-Facial ($26 for the same amount). Honestly, I don’t see the difference between the two! If you want to go even cheaper, though, go to your nearest drugstore and look for a makeup remover that looks like one liquid stacked upon another, like salad dressing. Low-end ones don’t work quite as well (so I hear, I haven’t actually tried any!) but a low-end duo-phase will work much better than a low-end single-phase (one homogeneous mixture) at removing hard-to-remove makeup.

“I found this great Avon remover. It’s a lotion that removes makeup! Amazing!! Except it doesn’t remove waterproof mascara too well, and it HURTS when it gets into your eyes.”
I’ve never been an Avon fan, but it has nothing to do with quality or packaging. I hate how you can’t get it at the drugstore or in the mall! I’m too much of a lazy ass to order.

Anyhow, if you want to remove waterproof makeup, it is imperative that you use something that’s made for waterproof makeup!! This one sounds like a no-brainer but a lot of makeup newbies don’t realize it. Normal remover, no matter how good it is, won’t get off your waterproof stuff without a lot of scrubbing, simply because it’s not made to. And I’m going to say it again – your “salad dressing” remover will work the best for waterproof makeup.

And for those sensitive eyes – get something that says it’s good for sensitive eyes! I would recommend this even if you don’t have sensitive eyes, just in case. With all the options we have nowadays, why risk it?

What if you need to remove waterproof makeup, but only on occasion, so you don’t want to buy an actual remover?
Notice the lack of quotation marks and the different colour – I’m adding this one in!

Go ahead and pick up some Vaseline, baby shampoo or baby oil. They’re dirt cheap and come in giant bottles, won’t sting your eyes, and can be used for their intended purposes as well! The shampoo needs to be mixed with water (equal parts and adjust to your desire) and the oil and Vaseline/petroleum jelly can be used straight. They might need a touch more friction than Bi-Facil or Take off the Day, but I promise they’ll be easier on your eyes and the sensitive skin around them than that Avon remover!

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  • So Very Fabulous

    I use Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. It's got the 2 layers you're talking about. I've been using it for years and I love it. takes off even waterproof mascara pretty easily without too much rubbing or tugging. I like the fact that it's a lot cheaper than the Lancome and other versions too.

  • Tessa

    Thanks Rae:)I know the whole 'salad dressing' remover theory, but I've never tried Clinique's remover. I'll have to see if I can get a sample of that…As for the Avon, it works pretty well on normal makeup, and I love the lotion, it sinks right in and doesn't leave any residue at all. Right now, I'm testing a new remover, L'Oreal's Plentitiude. It's similar to Bi-Facil, works ALMOST as well, and is dirt cheap. $10 for about 4oz! And as for the baby shampoo, I totally see the reasoning behind that. If it's formulated to wash hair, then it must be able to get some eye makeup off. AND it's no tears guaranteed! (does a happy dance). There's a new baby bro in the Cylai-Lolan family now, so it's nothing more than a walk to my brother's room. (Cylai is my last name, but my mom insists on going by her maiden name, Lolan.)And ftr, I LOVE having a sibling;)kisses and more thanks:)Tess

  • Rae

    SVF: Sounds great!! If I'm ever looking for one, I'll have to check that out :) Thanks for letting me know!

  • Rae

    Tess: my mum goes by her maiden name as well, but we're not hyphenated, we just go by dad's last name. Cliniques is, honestly, almost the exact same as bi-facil. I don't see any difference between the two, and I asked on the MUA boards to see if oilier skinned ladies found one to be better or worse – and they all found the two to be almost identical as well!Congrats on the baby brother!! I love kids :) Now go try some of his shampoo (baby oil works better imo, if you use that for him as well!)You're very welcome!

  • Snark Scribe

    I've never tried baby shampoo. That seems like a good idea, especially since you can get them in little bottles for travel.

  • Arianne

    I use L'Oreal Waterproof remover. It works well enough, and doesn't hit my wallet that hard.I didn't like that Avon lotion either. It really does sting to the point of needing to flush it out of my eyes!

  • Rae

    O.o That's terrible! I've never been a good judge of weather removers will sting others' eyes, simply because mine are SUPER sensitive. Even water stings the hell outta them (I know, I know, I suck.) so almost all removers bug me x.x

  • zyna

    I've used Bi-Facil for quite a while, but when I ran out I went to the drugstore and got the bi-layered remover from L'Oreal – and for me it works just as well as the pricey Lancome one, if not better! A friend of mine works for the L'Oreal company and he says with many products the only difference is the fragrance, packaging and of course the price tag (obviously that's directed to brands that belong to the same company like Lancome and L'Oreal). I don't agree with that on every product, but it seems to be true for the remover. While L'Oreal is on the higher end of the drugstore prices, it's still way cheaper than any department store brand.As for the Avon remover, I had that one and hated it! It's supposed to be for sensitive eyes, mine aren't even sensitive and it still stung when I got it in the eye. I just use it for removing swatches from my hands now, because I don't want to throw it out.

  • Rae

    *nods* Lancome and L'Oreal are part of the same conglomerate, so it makes sense that their products can be very similar! They generally still apply the same research and development to their low-end products, but use cheaper materials and change up things like fragrance to "trick" consumers into thinking that one is better or worse.Lol, I love that you found a new use for it! I too hate throwing things out – want not waste not!