How much is your face worth?

Friday, January 23, 2009

That’s right, ladies. How much is your face, right at this moment, worth?

I’d like you to quickly add up the raw value of the products you used this morning. It doesn’t have to be perfect, feel free to guess (ie $20 instead of $18.50)! Go ahead and check sites like Sephora, Ulta, MAC, or if you have no idea!! Everything on your face – that includes primer, moisturizer, and toner, but not things like cleanser, which have been rinsed off. And we’ll pass on tools, because you could *theoretically* go without. (ew)

I’m itching to know just how much we really spend on our faces. And also cringing at how much it’ll probably end up to be.

Olay Total Effects fragrance-free moisturizer – $20
Smashbox Photo Finish to go – $20
Total: $40

Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow Concealer, shade II – $20
TheBalm Time Balm concealer, “Lighter Than Light” – $25
Coastal Scents Silica Powder – $5
Total: $50

Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo, “Lilac/Orchid” (lilac used) – $20
Lancome Color Design shadows, “Cremé Lustre” and “Mochaccino” (both from quads) – $15
Lancome Color Dose cream shadow mini – $10
Total: $45

MAC Harmony blush – $20
Lancome Blush Subtil, “Rose Fresque” – $37
Total: $57

Palmer’s cocoa butter stick – $3
Stila Lip Glaze, “Brown Sugar” – $20
Total: $23

When I take them all and add ’em up, I get…


I believe this is when I go… awww, hell naw!

(And I will assume that I have correctly utilized this phrase. It’s awkward for me and I do not plan on ever using it in real life but I have been led to think that this would be an appropriate time for it and there is no better phrase to suit the moment?)

Quiet on the set

Good morning, world. It’s been a while.

The password is theNotice – easy, but I don’t want my friends and family stumbling across this, seeing as they don’t know I blog x.x

Contouring Tutorial from Rae Chen on Vimeo.

Well, get watching! This is coming down Saturday night at 12:00 my time, which is GMT -7:00. Yes, I’m only giving you less than 48 hours to watch it. Call me shy, call me crazy, whatever. I might show my face again in another tut, I might start doing FOTDs, I don’t know. I just know that I’m bored and I wanted to give it a go.

Please excuse the fact that I look twelve. My face starts out completely bare, plus I’m Asian. Hence, twelve.

My mum got carded until she was 40. We (my family) will probably all look young and stunted until about then, so don’t hate on me for looking like I should be reading the Magic School Bus!

Guess who’s doing a video tutorial?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That’s right, bitches. Full-face.

I’m thinking it’ll go up for a specific period of time and then come down.

Get ready for the maddness. There will be contouring. Blush. Hilighting.

And quirky, sarcastic subtitles.

EDIT: The video will be going up Friday morning and will come down Saturday night. It’s 17-18min long (there’s a blank minute or two at the end for no apparent reason) so clear your calenders!

Crazy Canadian shipping rates

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Canadians, as you may have noticed by now, pay a shitload for shipping.

A lot of people don’t use the postal system anymore because, well, why would you, with email? But for myself and a lot of other swappers, even people like my parents who run a small buisness, postage rates have a pretty big effect on our lives. If someone wants a couple books shipped to Singapore, for instance, it’s easily going to ring up an $80 bill. Ka-thump. One more customer lost.

Anyhow, Maclean’s (yes, I read Maclean’s, because I’m an old person like that) has a great (short!) article on shipping prices. Click to enlarge! I made them small enough that they won’t crash your computer opening them (about 800 pixels across instead of the 2500-ish that they originally scan to) but large enough that you can still read them. Canada Post raised shipping prices Jan 12th, and will raise them even more Feb 23.

Maclean’s, I’m sorry for “borrowing” your article, but a lot of Americans (and for that matter, a lot of Canadians!) don’t get Macleans… but I still think they should read this article! It’s because I love you. Now, Cathy Gulli, please don’t eat me alive for borrowing this!!
For reference’s sake (according to Canada Post Online) –

  • It now costs $0.54 to mail a letter within Canada.
  • To mail a letter to the US, it’s $0.98
  • A parcel that’s 18 x 14cm (a lot of envelopes are about that size), 0.5kg (which falls in the cheapest weight class), and 0.5cm thick, it will be $9.71 within Canada, according to their rate calculator.
  • To the States, that’ll be $7.00

Little fuckers.

A nifty idea

These plastic peel-back fragrance testers are on the rise in magazines and the sort – I think it’s kinda cool. Much less obstructive than the regular thick-walled, folded-over stuff pages, easier to peel open, and shut again.Kudos to Juicy Couture (and Mark., which does these as well if I remember correctly)! I like the concept.

Speaking of cool new fragrance samplers, Neutrogena is capitalizing on the old idea of scratch and sniff.
What’s new about this? Well, it actually smells like the product – deliciously grapefruit-y! It’s lovely because there isn’t any awkward peeling back, and come on… who doesn’t love scratch ‘n sniff?!

How do you prefer your swatches?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Nude Lustre is much too warm for me.

Orange-toned, this gloss’ main downfall is its colour – the problem is not in the formula (glossy, fairly pigmented, and decent-smelling, though nothing fabulous) but the shade.

I’ll give you a full review when I have a chance to try this in a different colour and wear it around for the day, because I think these glosses could be great. This one, however, is way too orange for me! Maybe a warm-toned beauty could pull it off, but not me. I just looked awkward and jaundiced.

Orange like you’ve been eating too many carrots 

If your blood is this colour, call your local poison center immediately.


When I wiped it off, this is what I saw (eew).

But alas! This is not the focus of the post. How would you like your swatches from now on?

1. The way they usually are – swatched on the arm, on the lips, and with a product photo (like above)

2. Holding the product with an inside swatch, (below) plus a lip swatch

3. Holding the product to the side with a swatch on the back/side of my hand (below), plus a lip swatch

It’s your choice! If I find I hate it, I might not listen to your choice… but whatever! I think I like the product photo separately, but sorting photos and keeping track of which swatch is for what item is a lot easier if they’re in the same frame.

And hey, if you have any other suggestions, go ahead and suggest away!

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