How much is your face worth?

That’s right, ladies. How much is your face, right at this moment, worth?

I’d like you to quickly add up the raw value of the products you used this morning. It doesn’t have to be perfect, feel free to guess (ie $20 instead of $18.50)! Go ahead and check sites like Sephora, Ulta, MAC, or if you have no idea!! Everything on your face – that includes primer, moisturizer, and toner, but not things like cleanser, which have been rinsed off. And we’ll pass on tools, because you could *theoretically* go without. (ew)

I’m itching to know just how much we really spend on our faces. And also cringing at how much it’ll probably end up to be.

Olay Total Effects fragrance-free moisturizer – $20
Smashbox Photo Finish to go – $20
Total: $40

Boots No. 7 Radiant Glow Concealer, shade II – $20
TheBalm Time Balm concealer, “Lighter Than Light” – $25
Coastal Scents Silica Powder – $5
Total: $50

Laura Geller Eye Stay Duo, “Lilac/Orchid” (lilac used) – $20
Lancome Color Design shadows, “Cremé Lustre” and “Mochaccino” (both from quads) – $15
Lancome Color Dose cream shadow mini – $10
Total: $45

MAC Harmony blush – $20
Lancome Blush Subtil, “Rose Fresque” – $37
Total: $57

Palmer’s cocoa butter stick – $3
Stila Lip Glaze, “Brown Sugar” – $20
Total: $23

When I take them all and add ’em up, I get…


I believe this is when I go… awww, hell naw!

(And I will assume that I have correctly utilized this phrase. It’s awkward for me and I do not plan on ever using it in real life but I have been led to think that this would be an appropriate time for it and there is no better phrase to suit the moment?)

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  • Ginger

    Today I'm not wearing much, so my face is only worth $156.50, but when I go out and put on a little bit more makeup, that goes up to $272.50.Incredible!Can you imagine if we added in the cost of our tools and brushes, too? Wow!

  • Rae

    I know! I was a little stunned to find it so high!Oh god, I don't even want to think about brushes x.x

  • Fabulously Broke

    This is so cool!! I AM SO DOING THIS!

  • Fabulously Broke

    Everyday: $50.71Events: $184Link: How much is your face worth?:) I have ghetto makeup in there. NO fancy face finishers.. or primers..Fabulously Broke in the City"Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

  • Rae

    *runs over to your blog*

  • Rae

    Aww, you always make me laugh ^^ I’m sure your MU isn’t ghetto, just lower-end! I do love d/s finds, the only deterrent is that if I hate it, I’m stuck with it x.x

  • Arianne

    Oh my god! $219.50. LOL! I posted the breakdown on my blog: How much is your face worth?”. It’s kind of INSANE.

  • Audrie

    damn. I am too scared to try to add up how much my face costs! I once thought of adding up the prices of all the makeup and skincare items that I own, but stopped myself just in time! :P

  • Rae

    Lol! Oh, the reality is too hard to face! You always look gorgeous enough to make up for it, though :P

  • melanie

    I totally did this after reading the post. Uhm……$405*sheepishly runs away and hides*Gross, I truly am a product whore! I should post the breakdown on my blog! Thanks for this, hon. Very interesting.

  • Rae

    !!!Oh god, I think you just made my brain explode, hon. Can't wait for the breakdown!

  • sue

    Hope you don't mind I post my breakdown here. It's too late to grab a pen and paper and I'm waaay too comfortable on my bed heheHere goes, I'm kinda scared to see the outcome eeek!!This is my usual daily routine.SKINBiotherm toner – $26Biotherm moisturizer – $43Benefit eye cream – $35Total: $104BASERevue primer – $15Sana concealer – $16Coogi Bb cream – $15Etude house powder – $15Total: $61EYESToo faced primer – Free sample!Canmake e/s – $8Majolica majorca mascara – $15Anna sui eyebrow powder – $28Total: $51CHEEKSKate dual cheeks – $6Total: $6LIPSBurt bees lipbalm – $4Anna sui lipgloss – $25Total: $29Grand Total = $251WOW. I just realized that I spend crazy a lot on skincare compared to make up.

  • Rae

    Hyly cripes! You have quite the regime – toner, moisturiser, eye cream, primer, AND BBcream?! I wouldn't have the patience for all that! (Though, I mean, we *are* supposed to be doing that. But most of us don't bother!)Well, here's your condolence – when we're both fifty, you'll still only look thirty :P And I'll look sixty-five, and blame the stress!

  • Nana

    hahah love this post! i remeber my friend saying yeah she wears cheap clothes from forever21 but her face is expensive! lol

  • So Very Fabulous

    OMG, I just did this and WOW. Seems I spend a small fortune on this stuff!

  • ' * : . b | u 3

    hah, mine is pretty scary too…especially the night routine. I'll post my breakdown soon :)

  • ' * : . b | u 3

    but you know what, its not so bad considering the face is the first thing everyone sees, and also what everyone judges you by. Might as well spend a lot on it :P

  • Rae

    That, m'dear, is a VERY good point! (And, a great justification.) I'm all for splurging on the things that I'll wear every day, because as you said, that's the first thing that people will see and judge me by!I wasn't much for first impressions until about a year ago – talking to my friends, they all recounted the very first time they met me. I was all wtf?! I don't remember things like that! but, I mean, if most people do rely so heavily on first impressions… I better make a great one!