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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Product: TheBalm’s TimeBalm concealer (lighter than light)

Price: $17 US, $24 CAD (darn you, Sephora!)

What’s great: A little goes a long way with this stuff, and it covers all day long. It comes with a little sponge if you choose to use it (I don’t – I don’t think they’re hygienic at all, so I took mine out. However, if you’re a little less OCD, it’s great to use on-the-go!) Additionally, it doesn’t smell horrid, which is always lovely. The coverage is fantastic as well, disusing anything from dark circles to acne.

What’s not so great: Um… I got nothin’. This may crease on you if it’s not properly set, but a light layer of powder should solve that! 

Edited to add: I’ve been working on my little jar for over a year now, and with daily use for concealing acne, redness, eyelid veins, and undereye circles, it’s not even half gone.

Other stuff: Lighter Than Light works just fine under my eyes, which is where we tried in on in-store, but when I do have to conceal elsewhere, it’s a touch too warm. However, it’s not enough of a difference to make me leave my darling timeBalm! If it’s particularly obvious on any given day, I’ll just set with minerals to tone it back. The verdictI absolutely adore this — the coverage is excellent, the cream stays creamy, even after a year (and especially in the summer,) and it lasts all day long. (For a normal workday, at least. I’d say it starts to go around ten hours or so.) Definitely recommended!

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4 Responses to “Just balmmy”

  1. Great review! I've been using loose powder foundation over mine these past few, and it's been working fine without too much creasing. I use Maybelline Mineral Power loose foundation.

  2. Wonderful! I'm glad you found a way to stop it from creasing on you!!EDM generally fixes the problem under my eyes, but between my brows (I have a tiny acne scar there), I can't get it to stop creasing no matter what! I've just been applying with a super-tiny art brush, only on the scar, and blending with foundation.

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  4. […] this one (especially at the $20 price tag). If you’re looking for a great concealer, try timeBalm or Glamoflauge; if you’re toning down redness, perhaps Clinique’s Mineral Solutions […]

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