Fyrinnae haul

An old haul that I never got around to telling y’all about!

Haul porn…

Polar Bear Mineral Finish clear (it’s nice to see that this sample was a lot fuller* than the other, as I paid for it ^^)
*if fuller is a word…?

A few thoughts…
Polar Bear is gorgeous!
If you’re into shimmery golds, this is a must-try: I hate shimmery golds around my eyes and I must say, I love this! However, no matter how I apply it, I find I get a lot of crazy glitter fallout. (see second pic!)
I quite like the Mineral Finish as well – it gives my skin a really smooth finish. I actually bought this to mix with another loose powder before pressing, to cut down a little on the pigmentation. (It worked!!) No photos of this, as it really does end up looking clear!

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  • Rae

    If I was a bird, I would be a parrot. Or something intelligent along those lines :P

  • Fabulously Broke

    That's so sad :(I'd like the makeup colours

  • Rae

    The fact that it gets sparkles everywhere? Probably just due to the fact that it's mainly glitter – most will do that!You should def. check out fyrinnae, hon – great prices and wonderful products :) My favourite aspect is that they actually take swatches of everything, both wet and try, and upload photos – it makes deciding so much easier, and I find them to be quite accurate!Unless you mean the parrots, in which case yes – it is pretty upsetting :( But also very cute and endearing, no?

  • melanie

    I wonder if they measure their samples by weight or by volume, like 2 grams or 2 tsp. I've noticed how weird it is that some minerals are MUCH heavier than others, and I often go over on measuring. (We do all our work by weight.) Like, our actives are really heavy, some oxides are heavy, mostly pretty uniform, some shimmers are light and some shimmers/pearls are like lumps of freakin metal!

  • Rae

    Lol!! I'm pretty sure Fyrinnae goes by volume – samples are listed as "1/4 tsp in jar". Speaking of which, I really want to put another order in :P I know I won't really use them, though, so I'm restraining! (for now)Swapped for a palette the other day and told myself that was it – no more e/s, I would be set. And I am, seeing as I almost never wear it! But they're just all so pretty…