My first quad review!

Direct sunlight

Maquiriche quad – contains:

  • Crème Lustré (ivory)
  • Angora (purple)
  • Plunge (blue)
  • Sunberry (red)
Incandescent light

Low payoff when dry; glitter “moved” no matter what. The blue shade is gorgeous, when wet, and the ivory is a beautiful hilighter when dry, but the red and purple didn’t really move me.

Overall? Kinda “meh”. Gorgeous colours but not for me.

Dry. Indirect light. (sorry it was so blurry, my camera wouldn’t focus!)

Wet, indirect light. Much better!

Wet, direct sunlight. Gorgeous, no?

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  • suzie wuzie

    oh wow! definately better wet. soo shiny! what medium did you use for the wet base? just water or thos fang dangly wet mediums?

  • Rae

    Lol! Just plain 'ol water :) I've used eyedrops before, with these, and the results are about the same.Haven't tried my converty-medium-thingy yet, though. I should try that…