Do you remember?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I remember – and no, I’m not going to recite the Flanders poem (we had to memorize and recite that every year in elementary and it drove me insane) because I honestly think that, though the poem is lovely, people should be able to remember without a poem.

So remember with me that people died for our freedom – people who had families back home, people who were loved and cherished. A mother’s only son and a wife’s only hope. Take a minute from your day to issue a silent thank you to all those men and women that never came home.

I would never be brave enough to do that, and I want to personally say thank you to all the dead soldiers, to all the veterans, and to all the people who lost people. Thank you… and I’m sorry.

Let’s hope we can do something worthwhile before our time’s up, ladies and gentlemen, because if we just waste our lives, what good were their deaths?

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