Mario Badescu: Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15

This guest review of Mario’s Aloe Moisturiser was written by Grace, a (quite lovely!) reader of theNotice. If you want to do one too, or if you would like to contact Grace, email me at my.make.belive (at) gmail (dot) com! I absolutely adore the idea of occasional guest blogging; I think it helps bloggers expand their reader base, and encourages people who read and comment (but don’t write) on blogs to start blogging!

What they say: “Daily, lightweight moisture and sun protection all-in-one. Oil-free and Aloe based for soothing, non-clogging hydration and sun protection.”

At first sight: For an aloe based moisturizer, I expected it to be a bit runny, but I found instead that it was quite thick, like a night cream. It doesn’t necessarily smell like aloe, but it doesn’t smell bad either, so it wasn’t a failure just yet!! No sparkles, no odor, pleasant to look at, so far so good.

At first use: I’ve used this twice and could not really bear to use it a third time because it made my face feel heavy, like I was wearing a night cream. If I didn’t mind that then I would’ve continued to use this product except it made my face oily – so much so that I found myself blotting my face away with blotting tissue [link to post on staying matte], even before I even had any makeup on!!

The verdict: I think this is more like a night cream than a moisturiser. It is definitely not “lightweight” and it pretty much has the same consistency of the Seaweed Night Cream. Even though it says this product is good for skin types for combination, oily, and sensitive, I think they might have made a typo for the first two :P

Well, what did you think? Personally, I loved Grace’s take on this product, which I’m adding onto my Mario Badescu series. (Especially the last line, lol!) She followed the same format as the rest of the MB series, so I think it’ll slot quite nicely in there… Grace, feel free to comment back to the commenters in the comments thread! (wow. What a mouthful!

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  • Anonymous

    Love the review! I think I'll look into this to use as a night cream – my skin's sensitive and SUPER dry, and you make it sound like this one's a match made in heaven for me and my eczema!! <333 Hope you start your own blog or post again sometime so we can read more from u!