Would anyone like to tell me how Australian pricing works? Because you guys have a currency that is basically equal to ours, but you pay a TON more for things.

Do you make more? Or something? And what’s to stop Australians from taking their on-par cash and buying everything in North America (and having it shipped to them)??

Oh. This makes my head hurt.

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  • suzie wuzie

    hey rae- yea… australian stuff are expensive (from what i know). if it’s made in australia then you expect to pay heaps because i think the labour is expensive. and if stuff is imported, then it’s also going to be expensive because of shipping costs. and if you’re importing heaps of stuff then u have to deal with customs. the answer to if we make more… an average fast food person is expected to make $10+ an hour depending on age. i’m not sure what’s the pay rate in other countries… hope that helps!

  • Rae

    Aha! That makes sense – fast food workers here get minimum wage, generally, which is $8-ish. It’s high in Alberta, though, or something like that – we’re practically drowning in oil revenue, so the government’s pretty loaded.

    It does help!! Thanks, hon :)