Mario Badescu: Strawberry Face Scrub

The one Mario product that looked…fun! This Strawberry Face Scrub has actual strawberry bits in it, which got me all excited!!

What they say: “Made with real Strawberry seeds that gently buff away flaky skin while natural AHA’s breakdown dull build-up to unclog pores. It improves overall texture to the skin by revealing healthy, glowing skin while preventing blackheads.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This pearly pink scrub looks creamy and fun! And there are strawberry seeds! Real strawberry seeds! The smell, though, is not so real – kind of fake. Like fake strawberry poison. Or real strawberry poison, I suppose…

At first use: The buffers in this product are seeds – just as they said. I find this too harsh and rough; I really prefer small beads to buff away my dead skin. It felt like the seeds were stabbing my face! Also, there was no lather, and it made my skin feel congested, like there was a thick waxy layer clogging my pores. And the chemically scent? Disgusting!

The verdict: The worst exfoliator I’ve ever tried. I can only see this working for someone with really thick skin (ie no pain receptors) that’s also really dry – otherwise, I think it’ll make you break out.

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