Mario Badescu: Seaweed Night Cream

After my Orange Cleansing Soap disappointment, I waited a few days and tried my next sample: Seaweed Night Cream. I don’t actually need a night cream, but I figured, what the hell, right? I mean, why not?

What they say: “A non-greasy, oil-free night cream enriched with Seaweed, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to soften, hydrate and nourish the skin without clogging pores. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky.” (for combination, oily, and sensitive skin types)

At first sight: I was super-excited to try this pearly green night cream, because it’s not often that you find a product suitable for both combination and sensitive skin types! However, when I took a wiff, I was a little dissuaded – mom described it as an “old lady” night cream smell. She was spot-on.

At first use:
This cream was thick, and (get this!) sparkly. What the hell, Mario! It’s a friggin night cream! Anyhow… the old lady scent was strong and stayed strong, and it felt heavy on my skin – a feeling that didn’t go away all night. I would have put up with both of these if it was nice and hydrating, but it wasn’t – lots of weight, no payoff. My skin didn’t look any better the next morning, it just felt gross!

The verdict: Another disappointment.
I didn’t like the look, feel, or smell of this, and it really was disappointing. I don’t know how many uses you’ll get outta the sample, because I only used it once. If you’re older and like this scent, though, you might like the cream – never know. I’m guessing I don’t have any 65+ readers, though – that’s how old you’d have to be before you could pull off this scent!!

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  • Grace

    Hahaha aw Rae!You're right why is the cream so damn sparkly?? THAt I do not understand..

  • Rae

    :P They're trying to fool you into believing you look "radiant", lol!!