Mario Badescu: Orange Cleansing Soap

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The first review? Mario’s Orange Cleansing Soap. *note: though it looks white in this photo, it’s not!

What they say:
Orange Extract makes this gentle, cream cleanser mildly exfoliating and very refreshing. Non-oily, non-detergent formula is safe and effective for all skin types to remove make-up and build-up from the skin’s surface without drying.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This was a pearly, light orange. It has a light scent that I couldn’t quite pace – a bit like clay and synthetic oranges, maybe? Either way, it’s not my favourite scent in the world.

At first use: This cream cleanser didn’t lather at all! Personally, I love a lot of lather in my soaps – makes them fun. If they don’t lather, they better be amazing in other areas, or it’s right to the bin with them! Unfortunately, this product was rather unremarkable – it felt like it left a light film on my face, and the smell stuck around, even after I rewashed with my normal cleanser! My face felt sticky, which was annoying to no end!!

The verdict: I only used this once before throwing it into a swap. I hated it, personally. (I hope the swapper likes it, though!) I wouldn’t buy this, or recommend it to anyone!

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