Look at all my clean keys! (cleaning them was much fun.)
Um, but here’s the thing… no one has bought one yet. I am starting to get very bored with this.

Please order one! This was a scheduled post, so I know that I’m not at home right now – but I’ll get your emails once I come home, and they will make me happy! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a money/necklace swap! It can also be almost anything else – even a necklace/necklace, or a cosmetics/necklace (I WOULD LOVE THIS)!

I just really need something to do in August, and I like making stuff! :P

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  • Phyl

    I just made some bracelets from computer parts today! I was inspired by these: bought some cat5/ethernet cable and a few other random things and I can't believe they charge $15 for a bracelet. I bought 2 metres of cable for about $3 NZD.

  • Rae

    I have no idea what a cat5/ethernet cable is :P lol!! Do you have photos posted anywhere? I would love to see them!! (I'm a photo addict – I much prefer to look at something as opposed to read about it. Well, as long as it's a tangible object…)

  • phyl

    Nah, unfortunately i don't. But if you look at that link the colourful twisted wire thingys are the stuff inside of the cable and what I used to make them =)I would buy a necklace but too bad I'm just a poor overseas student :P lol

  • suzie wuzie

    hi rae, i would like one of these but i was thinking a makeup swap with you? i can buy you something you really want from here? let me know if you want to swap with me and we can work out the conditions :D

  • Rae

    Lol, phyl!!And suzie: *squee* I will email you when I get home (August 1st-ish) – I definitely would like to do this!!

  • melanie

    I think this sounds really creative and adorable! I want to get one but not sure what key to have on it… could you do a bracelet? Hmm, I probably should have emailed you instead, but comments are really fun!

  • Rae

    Hi, melanie!! I haven’t noticed a comment from you before – welcome to theNotice!!

    Email me at my.make.belive (dot) gmail (dot) com or leave me your email and I’ll contact you – I’m pretty sure I can do a bracelet, as long as you give me the measurements!

  • melanie

    Yes ma’am, I found your page just browsing beauty blogs, as mine is also of course, :). Your blog is great! I was just looking around when I saw the post on the necklaces. I will email you later this week with the info (also when I get paid, haha.)

  • Rae

    Sounds great :) Can’t wait to hear from you!