Mario Badescu: Azulene Calming Mask

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The prettiest one of all? Azulene Calming Mask!

What they say: “Soothing Azulene, a Chamomile Extract, along with Balsam Peru, a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, come together in this non-hardening mask that comforts irritated, red, and very sensitive skin types. Also made with Kaolin (clay) and Wheat Starch to absorb impurities in the pores. Best when followed up with our Control Cream.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This light blue-green product is like a thick moisturiser, or a very strange molasses! It smells a little like old person and a little like clay and a little like soap – not too shabby, I guess. It has little bubbles, and was the other product I really wanted to try (the first being the Strawberry scrub).

At first use: I’ve used this a few times now (you can get about three uses out of the sample) without any noticeable improvement. Contrary to its description, it does harden, though not uncomfortably. I found the scent to be pretty okay, though I can easily see people hating it! It washes off easily and I don’t have any complaints about it – it was not smelly, waxy, rough, or otherwise unpleasant.

The verdict: I don’t know. I didn’t have any issues with this, but it didn’t really seem to do anything to my skin, either. As mentioned, I didn’t notice an improvement in texture or amount of breakouts, and it didn’t make my red patches any more red. However, it didn’t make my skin any worse, either!

Mario Badescu: Strawberry Face Scrub

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The one Mario product that looked…fun! This Strawberry Face Scrub has actual strawberry bits in it, which got me all excited!!

What they say: “Made with real Strawberry seeds that gently buff away flaky skin while natural AHA’s breakdown dull build-up to unclog pores. It improves overall texture to the skin by revealing healthy, glowing skin while preventing blackheads.” (for all skin types)

At first sight: This pearly pink scrub looks creamy and fun! And there are strawberry seeds! Real strawberry seeds! The smell, though, is not so real – kind of fake. Like fake strawberry poison. Or real strawberry poison, I suppose…

At first use: The buffers in this product are seeds – just as they said. I find this too harsh and rough; I really prefer small beads to buff away my dead skin. It felt like the seeds were stabbing my face! Also, there was no lather, and it made my skin feel congested, like there was a thick waxy layer clogging my pores. And the chemically scent? Disgusting!

The verdict: The worst exfoliator I’ve ever tried. I can only see this working for someone with really thick skin (ie no pain receptors) that’s also really dry – otherwise, I think it’ll make you break out.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free double-ended gloss with any $50 Benefit purchace. (I believe it’s a “her glossiness”?)

Mario Badescu: Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF15

Monday, July 28, 2008

One more… Hyaluronic Moisturiser SPF 15.

What they say: Daily moisture and moderate sun protection for combination, dry skin. Hyaluronic Acid locks in skin’s natural moisture and antioxidant Vitamin A based Peanut Oil nourishes the skin. Absorbent and non-greasy.” (for combination, dry, or sensitive skin. Sounds perfect for me!)

At first sight: Um, I think mine has gone bad. It’s all funny looking and jello-like. Also, the oil has separated. And it smells really funky.

At first use: Hell no. Are you joking?! I’m not putting this on my face! Look at it!
However, for the sake of this review, I did put it on my arm. I didn’t sprout anything, which is good, and I don’t have scales (yet.) The smell turned quickly to reveal something sunblocky, and a little of this goo goes a long way.

The verdict: Eeew.
I’m not even granting this a verdict, it was so disgusting! Maybe if I would have gotten a not-rotting sample I could have loved it – but that’s highly doubtful.

Best. Shirt. Ever.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And it is now mine!!! *squee*
And, if you can believe it, it looks even cooler on :P I will post photos eventually, but you know me – when I say eventually, I really do mean eventually.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

40% off your entire Tarte order until July 27th. So, if you’re wanting to stock up on some of their infamous cheek stains, now would be the time!! (I, for one, have never tried those. Opinions on them, anyone?)

Today: Family visit to the Seattle Space Needle. x.x now is not a good time to be me (and extremely afraid of heights)

Aren’t you so glad I had computer access this morning?

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