Keeping Matte: Tips & Tricks

*Preceded by Tried & True and Other Alternatives, this is the last instalment to Keeping Matte. Have a great afternoon, ladies!!
Tips & Tricks

  • Use a setting powder on your t-zone and along your hairline to absorb oil – a good translucent shouldn’t interfere with your makeup! I love Estee Lauder’s Lucidity, but a lot of cheaper brands exist as well! I like loose powders (look for finely milled ones, without chunking), but a pressed powder travels better. “Oil absorbing” or a reference to oil (or acne) in it’s name would definitely be something to look for as well!
  • Use products made for oily, combination, very oily, or acne-prone skin, obviously!
  • Look for oil-free, non-comedogenic, and possibly hypoallergenic moisturisers – oily skin sometimes needs a little help breathing!
  • A weekly exfoliant, weather physical or chemical, would definitely work in your favour, as would a mask (I recommended clay-based ones for oily skin, as they are more drying. If you have combination skin like me, just to your oily spots, like your t-zone!)
  • Look for clear, foaming cleansers – gels, bar soaps, and liquids work well for oily skin. Cream cleansers, or cleansers with a milky appearance, are made for dryer skin types!
  • Toner and astringents were practically made for oily-skinned gals!
  • Lastly, look up your products on sites like Makeup Alley! I cannot stress enough how important it is to read reviews first, especially before buying high-end skincare. How else will you know if the mattifier actually mattes, or if the “lightweight” moisturiser will clog your pores? Unless you know a store with a brilliant exchange policy, looking up products is essential.
  • (And if you do know a store with a brilliant exchange policy…please tell me!! :P )

Hope you liked this mini-series!! Does anyone else have any tips and tricks to share??

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  • Fabulously Broke

    Will do.

    I exfoliate with a chemical from Paula’s Choice and I use a foaming cleanser and it seems to work

    Plus I clay masque my t-zone

  • Rae

    Weekly mask = helps a ton!! I love my Mint Julep :P

    Where do you get your Paula’s Choice from? (any Canadian retail sellers? I can only seem to find it online)