Worth the Hype? Great Lash

The verdict for Maybelline‘s Great Lash can be reached this simply: no. Just, no.

I know that’s not a “worth the hype” or “not worth the hype”, but… I’m not going to try it. Why not? Because so many people have a love/hate relationship with it. Because it’s everywhere, like an infestation. Because it’s so ugly! (Cold, hard truth: I’m shallow! lol. But really – I’d like my mascara to look acceptable in my pristinely clean cosmetic drawer and cabinet, not stick out like a sore black thumb.)

If you’d like to hash it out in comments, supporting or hating on it, go ahead – I’m eager to hear what you all think about this cult mascara!

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  • Rae

    I think Great Lash is in desperate need of a packaging revamp. I mean, they could even keep the whole green/pink iconic thing going, but just…I don't know, somehow make it less ugly? :P I should do some conceptual photoshopping. :D

  • *Holley*

    This is a mascara that I often go back and forth between. Sometimes when I’m at the store, need mascara and don’t feel like spending much on it, I resort back to this stuff, reminding myself that supermodels swear by it.

    However, every time I use it, I find it no better than most of the other stuff out there, and like you said…it’s not very visually appealing. I’m like you, everything in my makeup bag has to look cute and organized…this neon 80’s look doesn’t help the pretty factor.