Boxes, shoes, and gifts!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing Room Makeovers for the Skint: This summer, I completely revamped my room – as in, I cleaned ’till about three in the morning for a week, and then rearranged for another. It’s not fair, of course, to claim that I’m skint. I just really hate spending excessive amounts of money when it’s not needed.

There are a ton of aspects to the above photo, as follows:

Use what you have. Pick your favourite gorgeous pair of shoes -or a few gorgeous pairs of shoes!- (preferably heels, they sit the best). Use them as display pieces, and arrange them as accents where you may.

Use what you’re given. The flower arrangement on the left was from last year’s recital – my mom helped out my vocal instructor with it, and she gave us some of the decorations. I rearranged them, and got rid of the pieces I didn’t like, and saved myself $20 on buying flowers and branches from the store!

Use what you read. I got this idea from FabSugar, I think – use magazines to change how high things are. I stacked some Flares under my left box to make it higher – from a standing position, you can’t see them, and the boxes look more interesting with more depth. FabSugar used old copies of Vogue as a computer monitor stand – the perfect idea for the frugal fashionista!

Use boxes – boxes, not storage units, can be bought for next to nothing and stacked however you please. Mine are from IKEA, and the two on the right were on sale for $9, I believe, for both! You can store whatever in a box, and instead of everyone seeing your clutter, they just see the clean lines of the boxes.

Still to come? Decorating walls, small, cheap accents, and more!!

Trying to find a cure.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I tried: Olay Complete Plus

What I tried to get rid of: My dry, flakey skinWhat it promised!!!: “This light, non-greasy formula with antioxidants vitamin E plus C is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), 100% oil free and 100% PABA free. Complete Plus Ultra Rich Moisture Lotion – Extra Dry Skin gives your skin a complete balance of moisturizing ingredients for healthy skin.”

The reality: This felt thick and heavy, as well as slightly tacky, and my skin is still flaking. It’s not oily, though, as promised – but it is scented. Something along the lines of an older woman’s night cream.

The bottom line: This doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, and I’m going back to my Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin. Neither are moisturising enough, so I guess I’ll have to keep searching, but this one’s going to the back of my beauty closet. It was really disappointing :(


Saturday, February 16, 2008

LOOK! Look at this photo!!!! At her fresh, clean face!YES! THANK YOU, SMG! You look so much better!!!

No excuses!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I loved Buffy. Adored it. Borrowed all the seasons from my tophat man and watched them all.

However, that does not excuse Sarah Michelle Gellar from doing this:Seriously. Wipe off the eye makeup. All of it. And hey, Sarah, put your girls back in your shirt. For that matter, get a proper shirt! We all get it. You’re young and fit and hot. But if you keep showing up at events looking like this, we, as the avid SMG fans, will have to have you commited (I’m surprised you’re not. All the other celebs are doing it)!

One last thing. Your blush makes you look sunburnt.

Topper, toppings, topcoat!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tried: L’Oreal Pro Manicure Nail Polish topcoat

Lasting power: I use this for DIY pedicures, and my polish has never chipped since. EVER. A coat of this leaves my nails shiny and sturdy, absolutely chip-free!

Properties: This goes on easily, and is much like water – if you slip up, you can easily wipe off the excess with your fingers. It doesn’t smell that bad, which is a plus for me, lol! Also, I put a layer of this on after polishing, or alone, to leave my (toe)nails shiny and wet-looking. It maintains the sturdiness, as stated earlier, but the wet look fades after a few days (due to surface abrasion, probably). I just put on another layer – it takes about two minutes, literally! – once or twice a week.

Packaging: Surprisingly sturdy, and definitely pretty. It’s thick glass, and I’ve dropped it on hard floors many a time without anything bad happening. It’s got a great look and feel; very sleek and clean.

Price: Very inexpensive, as I used a BOGOfree coupon. The other was this polish in red, not a topcoat, and it was great as well. The colour was a little too fire-engine red for my tastes, as I prefer burgundies, but nevertheless, it was also easy to put on, and the colour was very bold.

The bottom line: A great buy! I haven’t run out of this yet, and have been using it since June, but I will definitely purchase this again!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

So this is the madness: on the first day of my period, I always have a really good day.

I think it’s my body’s way into tricking me not to kill it.


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