Why are you hurrying? To pick up some Beauty Rush glosses, obviously!!
(get it? That was a pun. Rush…hurry…no? I really need to sleep.)

I bought my first two Beauty Rush glosses at La Senza (the retailer for them in Canada) last May, I just hadn’t found time to review them until now! The tube and applicator are standard, with an angled tip and no sharp edges. The price is what really can’t be beat– 2 for $10 or 2 for $12! (It depends on the store, for some reason…some have them on a better permanent deal than others.) 3 for $15 on the Victoria’s Secret website.
I’m not loving most of the smells, but the one that I got was Passion Fruit Pop, I believe. It’s a nice pink colour, as you can see, with a bit of sparkle (all the coloured glosses have glitter*). I love how it stays on forever — I apply once in the morning and I’m moisturized and glossy until lunch. It’s a bit heavy and fairly sticky, but the staying power makes up for it.
The other was the minty lip shine, pictured above. It’s a clear peppermint gloss, also very shiny, but instead of having glitter and being thick, this one is smooth. Because the peppermint tingles a bit at first, feels very fresh, and smells great! In addition, it makes my lips a little redder, as peppermint encourages circulation, so it’s easy to wear this one alone. You can get it here on the VS site, or in any La Senza or Victoria’s Secret store.

And here are the two tubes – this is a tiny bit too dark, but a blend between this pink and the pink on the VS site is closer to the actual shade. But if you can’t mentally blend shades? My photo’s closer to the correct colour! ^^I hope you love them as much as I do – there’s always a tube of mint in my purse!

*EDIT: not any more! VS has released a new bunch of these glosses, without the gritty glitter! (yes!!) And, yes, I said gritty. It doesn’t look gritty, though, which is great.

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