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February 2008

    What every girl needs:

    I’m pretty sure I *need* a lip gloss with a dirty name, or a eye liner, or something. Seriously – who doesn’t want to feel a little giddy and dirty whenever they freshen up? Some ideas below.The obvious, over-advertised ones: NARS the Multiple in Orgasm, practically anything from the Playboy site (think: Hef’s Favourite Lip Gloss in Sex Kitten, or a Pickup Liner in Wanna See My Tan Lines?, or a Mood Lipgloss – which claims to work in a way similar to O-Glow, which is another suggestive name, lol! – which comes in only two shades – In the Mood and Not In the Mood)

    The obvious, but still fairly indie ones: theBalm’s Plump your Pucker in Squeeze My Lemons. MAC Tinted Lipglass in shades like Prrr and Nymphette, or one of their lipsticks in Shag, Please Me, Soft Lust... And the dirty-product-names ruler, NARS, has shades like Striptease and Triple X as well – they’re just not as advertised as the cult product Orgasm. Which almost makes them seem a little more risqué…

    Just a thought. :)

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