The Body Shop

By now, you’re probably all, “why is she so TBS-obsessed?!” Well, here’s my answer.

I adore the store, not so much because of the products (which are great, ftr), but because of the service I always seem to get there. And because even though they got bought over, they still don’t test on animals, and they still support fair trade.

Their salespeople really complete the company. I can wander in, describe my skin type and what I’m looking for, and wander out ten minutes later with a generous sample of the product they think will work for me. And if they can’t think of one, they’ll ask another co-worker – unlike people at, say, Sephora, they won’t just hand you the most expensive thing there and run for the hills.

I was considering their Vitamin C cleanser, the last time I was in, and a salesperson not only made me a sample, but told me a few things about it that were not on the bottle, and she didn’t have to tell me – for instance, it says it’s good for all skin types, but is better on oily skin. And if you have sensitive skin, it may make you red and blotchy. And how you shouldn’t wash more than twice a day with it, or the Vitamin C is too irritating for most skin types.

All of that information was unnecessary, and still incredibly useful – just like their salespeople. They will take the time to tell you the unnecessary, just because the company hires good people. They’re always nice, friendly, and always try to help.

That is why you hear so much about the Body Shop.

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  • Fabulously Broke in the City

    I have to say.. I’m not a huge fan of the body shop. I used to be, but I find the scents too sweet for me now… :\

    Although the banana shampoos + conditioners are making me reconsider my ban on buying anything but necessities :P

  • Rae

    A lot of their scents are pretty overwhelmingly sweet – but still, their staff is great. I’d rather buy a slightly-too-sweet body butter from a great sales associate than a perfectly-scented one from a total b*tch, because every time I used the product, it would feel like I was being looked down upon again.

  • suzie wuzie

    I agree – their staff are extremely friendly and don’t belittle you even if you walk in there looking like a drab. I’ve got a whole hunk of Body Shop Stuff and still have yet to try them all. If it all goes good- guess I’m converting. My sister is already a Body Shop maniac. :-)