Online Shopping

Monday, January 21, 2008

I really don’t want to study for midterms, so I thought I’d post about a bunch of great online deals instead. *grins*

Starting off with Folica’s current sale: two train cases, both of which I am thinking about. I’ve always wanted a train case, but I’ve never had enough stuff to put in them – it’s the only reason why I don’t have one yet :P
Those two were $12 and $30 consecutively, and can be found here and here.

Other great finds in their sale include this hyped hot iron, down to $60 from $150. I can’t find the post, but Kiss&Makeup told us about it at the beginning of summer-ish.
Nordstrom’s sale is thriving too: $10 for this skirt instead of $40, for instance. The problem I have with looking at their sale pages, though, is this girl: she’s far too skinny. Personally, when they’re that small, I think modelling agencies should be held, morally, to telling them they won’t get work until they gain a few pounds.
Though they’re still out of my price range, Net-A-Porter has some gorgeous things on sale: for instance, this Vera Wang:And, lastly, remember this: all the awesome winter sales are on now, so go find some steals at your local mall! (I just scored a $70 coat for $15 and an $80 LBD for $20. Yay!)

Touch of Class

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little while ago, I told you about our school’s annual Touch of Class, and promised horrifying photos. Here they are. With commentary. :D

Starting with something docile: how about this bubblegum pink flowery box?

Or maybe this bubblegum pink…um… Actually, I don’t know what the hell that is. It’s just ugly. And little-girl-ballerina-gone-bad.

This girl is literally so hideous that I named her. She is Hooker Girl and she is terrifying. Notice her giant La Senza bag. At school. Where it does not belong. Just. Like. Her. Also, her Giant Fake Fur Hooker Coat and those shoes.

Here is Hooker Girl in her natural habitat. Ahead of her is Skanky Girl, who I really hope was wearing underwear. No pulling Spears-es, girls!

I’m indecisive about this one: is it fantastic, or fantastically horrible? I remember distinctly that it it’s more ugly when she’s standing, if that helps you decide :P

This isn’t a mistake, rather, I’d like to have this done to my hair. But with purple. Because, seriously, it’s awesome. Her locker’s by mine, and she has curly hair (it’s not usually straightened, or up). Looks absolutely fab.

Enter tna and the little one, neither of whom can dress herself. (tna is on the left, looking like her boobs are different sizes. the little one on the right, for some reason looking more casual instead of more classy.)

Lastly is this: (notice the little on on the left, in Converse. With holes.)

I think she looks cute. I love the dress, the gloves, the shoes (oh my god, those are gorgeous). However, she stood here for upwards of ten minutes, just doing her little Asian poses. I’m not sure why, so she’s getting attacked.

Her hair and make up, though, deserve the fug:

Seriously? Bad dye job, too much metallic eyeliner, and crazy curly things going on to make said hair look totally fried (I’ve seen her in the halls, it does not usually look like this).

Hope you enjoyed ^^

CC: Third

(CC 2 was scrapped because it’s tinged a funny yellow colour for no apparent reason)

Miu Miu Ad

Thursday, January 17, 2008

There are the good ads.

There are the bad ads.

And then there are these.

They are bloody fantastic.

Stila & TBS

Stila’s Winter Sale is on – up to 50% off a bunch of products.

Also, the Body Shop’s sale ends on Monday – I must get to the stores this weekend!!

Cure-Alls: light concealer, part two

Monday, January 14, 2008

Click on the image to enlarge, or see part one!

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