The Holiday season…

I love seeing my family. However, this year, I’m also excited about the following sets – a ton of Christmas cosmetic sets are worth way more than they’re sold for. I might buy a box of really nice lip glosses, keep a few, and give the rest out a single gifts. For instance, this Estée Lauder gloss box:
Alone, each gloss is worth $18. The set is $30, worth $85. I’m not sure if the glosses are the same size as normal, but…*swoon*! The other lip gloss set that looks fab is this Smashbox set (it seems to be really great, six glosses for $29, instead of $90).

You know me, saving the best for last. This final lip set one isn’t available in Canada, but I don’t really care, because it’s so AHH!!
Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But Neiman Marcus has as set of eight Lancome Juicy Tubes for $37.50. Yah. I think I need it, seeing as one full-sized tube retails for $17.50.
For sets, I’m lusting after Too Faced’s Lights, Cameras, Glamour! – the entire thing is only $40! (They think it’s worth $150, but I’m not sure if I believe them…)
Lastly, how could you not love this Tarte “We Wish You Wealth” pallate? ($52, believe it or not!)

*If you’re wondering where to get these, I’m not promoting them, I’m just saying they sound great. I don’t even know if they are. However, you can get all of them online, as I’m too lazy to hunt things down in stores, lol!
In Canada, I know Estée Lauder sells out of the Bay, possibly Sears?, and that Smashbox, Tarte, and Too Faced sell out of Sephora.

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  • The Glitterati

    Oh yummy yummy yummy! I always go palette/set CRAZY this time of year. Fortunately (?) I can never make up my mind, so I usually don't buy many.The Estee Lauder glosses are probably the minis, but even the minis last a long time, plus they're easier to take along. I wish they sold them separately, I'd probably own way more of 'em that way!!

  • Valley Girl

    I want that Estee set!

  • Rae

    :) $30. That's like…nine coffees. Two shirts. A sweater.I think it's justifiable. :D(I might buy it, and give away the ones I don't want as gifts – they don't have to know it was only $5/each! If they're wrapped nicely singularly, they'd each make quite a dashing gift.)

  • The Glitterati

    Ha, that reminds me, I had a coworker who drew my name in a Secret Santa thing, and she spent the whole $20 limit on lip glosses/balms. I mean, it was just drugstore stuff, but it was one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve EVER gotten, and I’m still talking about it! :)

    So true that the Estee glosses are pretty enough to gift, you could wrap them up like candies!

    Ok now I want to go on a lipgloss buying spree…

  • Rae

    :D Can I keep your co-worker? I think we’d get along just fine. lol!

  • Fabulously Broke in

    I love that makeup set by Tarte.. OMG… so cute… the only problem is I don't wear enough makeup to warrant buying it for myself LOL