Cleanser Testing

Friday, November 30, 2007

Tried: The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser sample (btw, did you have any idea that they did samples? I didn’t! The sample container is way too cute. I love it more than the product, lol!)

Price and size: mine was a sample, but the full-size is 6.75oz and costs $12 (stats off the US site, Canada’s doesn’t have a catalogue)

Pros: My face didn’t turn into a blotchy mess, didn’t swell, and didn’t smell distinctly strange after the fact.

Cons: The cleanser did not smell fantastic. At all. It was gross. (Luckily, it didn’t linger). In addition, it didn’t make my skin feel clean, and it didn’t take off my make up very well; I had to re-cleanse with another cleanser and give it a good scrub.
The Final Decision: I’m not buying this. I’ll keep hunting, even if it means I have to have swollen hands for a few days – I’ve been spoiled by finding affordable, fantastic cleansers, and I won’t settle for anything less any more. I enjoy washing my face. My Freeman’s and Biore made it a treat – it was my favourite part of my shower! I have a teeny tiny sample of this, and I can’t even bring myself to finish it.
This would be good for you if: You have very dry, sensitive skin, and do not want something to take off your make-up. I think the residue-like feeling it left behind would be very moisturising, and it was definitely good for really sensitive skin, but it wasn’t anything special.

The Holiday season…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I love seeing my family. However, this year, I’m also excited about the following sets – a ton of Christmas cosmetic sets are worth way more than they’re sold for. I might buy a box of really nice lip glosses, keep a few, and give the rest out a single gifts. For instance, this Estée Lauder gloss box:
Alone, each gloss is worth $18. The set is $30, worth $85. I’m not sure if the glosses are the same size as normal, but…*swoon*! The other lip gloss set that looks fab is this Smashbox set (it seems to be really great, six glosses for $29, instead of $90).

You know me, saving the best for last. This final lip set one isn’t available in Canada, but I don’t really care, because it’s so AHH!!
Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But Neiman Marcus has as set of eight Lancome Juicy Tubes for $37.50. Yah. I think I need it, seeing as one full-sized tube retails for $17.50.
For sets, I’m lusting after Too Faced’s Lights, Cameras, Glamour! – the entire thing is only $40! (They think it’s worth $150, but I’m not sure if I believe them…)
Lastly, how could you not love this Tarte “We Wish You Wealth” pallate? ($52, believe it or not!)

*If you’re wondering where to get these, I’m not promoting them, I’m just saying they sound great. I don’t even know if they are. However, you can get all of them online, as I’m too lazy to hunt things down in stores, lol!
In Canada, I know Estée Lauder sells out of the Bay, possibly Sears?, and that Smashbox, Tarte, and Too Faced sell out of Sephora.

Purity isn’t simple at all.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hit Sephora today with mom to try Purity Made Simple.
That was two hours ago.
Now, my hand is till red, blotchy, and swollen.

(I tried LUSH’s Ultra Bland as well; I didn’t like it either. It left a waxy residue on my skin.)

My heart just flutttters for you

Best. Indexed. Ever.

CC: First

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Later today: post on what I’ve been [not] eating.

Now: running to school. I’m going to be late, again. Damn.

:)Thank you to the Glitterarti for a)being concerned, b)recognizing yummy cereal, and c)just saying hi.

I’m off!

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